Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tom Hanks is Disney, Ashton is Jobs, Sherlock is Awesome

     If you've been reading us for a while you know that we didn't like the new Dr. Pepper 10 commercial, the "for men only" soda, we listed it on the "top ten most obnoxious ads" and there it has remained. Some of us got the chance to try out this beverage the other day and came up with a striking revelation, Dr. Pepper 10 which should have 10 manly calories actually has 20 calories. This brings up a few points and makes sense of their advertising. The first point being that the name makes no sense then, the can is advertised in the commercial as having 10 calories, Dr. Pepper 10, therefore one would assume that the beverage would only have 10 calories not 20, but no uproar has been made about this which brings up a separate point, their targeted audience. Here is the message Dr. Pepper is sending, either that guys are bad at math, guys are not observant, or that guys just don't care, we'll drink whatever is in front of us, which would mean that Dr. Pepper is saying that girls would cause an uproar about this and therefore they targeted the men instead. Bottom line is, Dr. Pepper 10 is not only sexist but also an insult to all men out there, anyway, just thought we would fill you in. On to updates:

  The Dark Knight Rises Rating Issues

    As it turns out the last Nolan Batman will most likely be rated "R" due to a recent rating of the project and the inability to attain a PG13 rating. Depending on who you are this could either be a good thing or a bad thing, for the movie goer this is most certainly a good thing, it means the movie will  push the limits within the franchise and give us something new, something we all want, but obviously the movie would not profit as much while in theaters due to the amount of people that won't be able to go watch it. We must remember when it comes to these type of movies that the fan base is spread out and though sometimes a better movie could be made if it were rated "R" (think Hunger Games) that the PG13 rating ends up helping the production of more movies due to good revenue, specially when it comes to these type of titles. It will be interesting to see how Nolan will react to this, if he will drop scenes from the movie or just accept the rating and move forward. We would understand if he choose to drop to a PG13 rating, but still, there is a hope that he won't.

  Tom Hanks To Play Walt Disney

   Though this is a rumor thus far, we do have some pretty serious evidence that Disney has signed up Tom Hanks to play the part of Walt Disney in their upcoming adaptation of the creation of "Mary Poppins" named "Mr. Banks". The movie will center around Walt Disney attempting to get the story of "Mary Poppins" from her writer and getting it made into a big picture. There is a darker element involved, it turns out the original writer did not enjoy the end result and thought the cartoons within the movie looked childish, so she vows never to work with Disney again, thus this is a story of Walt convincing her to share the story with the world and later reconciling with her after the movie is made and she is angry. The project is just getting under way, there are rumors going around that Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep are both thinking about signing on to the project. We'll let you know more as soon as we find out more.

  Ashton Controversy

  This was announced last week and an uproar was heard around the world, the fact that Ashton Kutcher will be playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie about Job's life. Originally we weren't going to cover this story for though Ashton is not a fantastic actor he is not the worst actor out there so we thought the uproar was a slight exaggeration. If you think about it there are a ton of worse actors to choose from, the issue that we want to bring up here is not why people don't like this whole deal about Ashton playing Jobs but why do people hate Ashton so much? It makes no sense, the guy was an icon for a while, he was in a few really good (Butterfly Effect) and funny movies (Take your pic), yes he has been in a lot of bad movies lately but he does have potential, which is more than we can say for a lot of other actors out there. Thus with the right motivation, we think this project might even come out to be ok, we say give Ashton a chance.


   There is something about good television that should never be ignored, and Sherlock is one of those shows that has gone under the radar for long enough. If you own Netflix the first three episodes are on instant stream, they are each about an hour long and are awesome. This depiction of the Sherlock universe is what the movie should have been like, due to length of episodes it does kind of fell like you are watching a movie when seeing the series, a really good movie rendition of the famed book. The series is only 6 episodes long and has not been signed on for new projects as of yet, though here is a series that you should not miss. From the cast, to the dialogue, to how it was shoot, the whole series was a masterpiece, it is too bad that it did not reach the states with as much clamor as it did in England. Knowing how Hollywood works we would recommend you watch this series before Hollywood makes an "American" rendition of it, it seems like a habit as of late for there to be an "American" version of British shows, here is one we hope never gets re-made. Anyway, do check it out, it is definitely worth watching.

    Wednesday has finally come upon us, take a deep breath the weekend is close at hand, we hope this week ends in a good note for you and pray for safety to all,

Love from your humble blogger,

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