Friday, April 20, 2012

Newest Mario @E3 And This Week's Must Know Announcements

   The first big announcement that occurred this week has to be the confirmation by Nintendo that there will be a showing of the next Super Mario game at E3, the game will be one of Wii U's first releases and as always we are all looking forward to seeing the new title to this loved series come to life. For those that are unfamiliar with this convention, basically E3 is the biggest gaming convention in the world, here is where all the big announcements for the year occur, so we get new technology, new games, and announcements for the future of the big companies. The press conferences to look forward to are always that of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, with the unveiling of Wii U occurring this year we hope Nintendo comes out with the biggest show, but you never know what Sony and Microsoft will do, surely this will be a great E3 this year. This year's E3 will be taking place on June 6th, as soon as we hear more on it you'll hear more on it, we recommend IGN as a medium for staying up to date on everything that happens in it but you can always check back with us and we'll give you the big announcements of the day.

   Trailers You Should be Looking Forward To

   There was a rumor going around that has finally been confirmed and that is that the newest James Bond flick "Skyfall" will be placing their first trailer on MIB III's release, hence another reason to watch this already eagerly looked forward to movie. The rumor mill was doing work this week for there was another announcement that surfaced stating that the third and final preview for the "Dark Knight: Rises" will be either in "Dark Shadows" or "The Avengers", being that there is a rivalry between DC and Marvel if we were to guess we would say "Dark Shadows" will probably take the preview, but you never know.

    New Animated Series That Might Interest You

   Cartoon Network has come out with the first teaser trailer for their upcoming animated series "Beware The Batman", if you are unfamiliar with Batman animated series then trust us in saying that they are generally very good. Even the series from back in the day, if you picked it up to re-watch it you would be pleasantly surprised by how well done it is, thus a "Beware The Batman" might just be something looking into. The other big announcement this week was that Disney's "Tron" will be returning with their own animated series titled "Tron: Uprising", the series will take place in between the two movies answering some questions and providing us with a solid bridge between the two movies, maybe something looking into if you enjoyed the latest Tron movie. The series is hosting a look of good voice talent, thus we have high hopes for this addition to the series.       

      Two Epic Movies In The Works That You Should Know About

    Orson Scott Card's classic book "Ender's Game" has been commissioned for a big picture release for sometime next year, this book to movie transition has been a long awaited one by many and will surely spawn a long series of sequels and win the hearts of many. Two new pictures have been leaked by the production team of Ender's room and the machine on his neck, when the first trailer comes out we'll be sure to let you know. If you are unfamiliar with any of Orson Scott Card's work then we recommend "Ender's Game" for sure, you won't regret reading it, that's a promise. The other big confirmed rumor to be looking forward to is that Dreamworks has been in talks with EA to make a "Need For Speed" movie, this could be a really good thing or a really bad thing. A "Need For Speed" movie could be epic but the skeptic in us can't help but think that Jason Statham will be cast in it thus making it become just another Statham movie, when we hear more about this we'll let you know for sure.

    Two Games You Should be Aware Of

   "Tribes: Ascend" came out for the PC a few weeks back and there is no reason as to why you should not be playing this game. "Tribes: Ascend" is a free to play game with good graphics and very decent gameplay, the game follows the motto that many new free games are going with, the you can either gain experience and get new items by playing the game or you can buy equipment and level up that way. The success of this game has made many begin to question as to if this is the future for games, though we feel that this is not the future as a whole we do acknowledge that for multi-player shooter games this might be the future indeed, it is a solid concept and a good game, you should check it out. The other game to be looking forward to is "James Bond: Legends" there aren't a ton of specs on the game out yet but it will be a combination of 6 different bond movies including Skyfall so that sounds rather promising as soon as we know more we'll fill you in.

     Evolution of Cable Confirmed

   Sony has decided to be the first to take the epic step into organizing your cable feed with your gaming feed, inherently giving you something slick and awesome to look at in their newest product the PS3 TV Hub "NasneNasne" to America as well, but the best thing will be when Microsoft retaliates by releasing their own Hub thus speeding up the process of evolution surrounding this project. For more specs on "Nasne" follow this link for IGN's full article.

   April is an interesting month in that news never stop and the rumor mill goes crazy trying to figure out what is going to happen in the next three months, it is definitely a fun month. We hope this week has been a good one for you and pray that this weekend will be a safe and restful one.

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