Monday, April 30, 2012

"Secret" Ernie Halter Concert @ The Aarvark Blew Our Minds

    Some of us got a chance to go to a local concert in Fort Worth, Texas this past weekend and got to not only watch but meet some fantastic musicians. In a little bar found in Fort Worth called Aardvark a gathering of up and coming and already famous musicians gathered together to have some fun, meet some people and just gather for the love of the music, it was a beautiful thing to witness thus not writing about it would be a sacrilege to the event. The closing number and most known musician there was Ernie Halter, the concert started at 9pm and ended at 2am with Ernie going on stage around 12:30am, its was a time of reflection, of love, of friendship, it was a genuine point in time that could never be repeated where everything was as it should be and we are all better off for having been able to witness it.

     If you are familiar with the show "The Voice" then you know that when we say that Eric Tipton was there that it was a good show. Eric blew us away with his voice and his set was one filled to the brim with soul, to paint the picture for you, it was just him a six string base along side him and a full drum set to accompany the tunes, nothing more was needed for the soul sound was present and it carried us through an hour of music without even knowing it. One thing he did that touched us was that he at one point stated his appreciation for another musician that was in the room, Tito Ortega, and asked him if he could cover one of his songs for us, to which he did and it was a fantastic moment of mutual respect between musicians that ignited the atmosphere of the bar, further illustrating the magic that was taking place around us.

    We didn't get to hear much about his involvement but some of us overheard something about Tito Ortega actually organizing this whole show together, so not only is Tito the man for getting this all going but he is friends with all of them and is a fantastic lyricist and guitar player. We got to hear him early on in the night and boy were we glad that we did, Tito's music screams of good times and hard times, his guitar weeps as we weep and rejoices as we rejoice, while all at once his lyrics guide and inspire us to be more than we are. If you have never heard of Tito Ortega we recommend you give his music a listen and allow yourself to be immersed into his brilliance.

       We got to the chance to hear and meet the beautiful and talented Karyna Micaela, not only did she capture our full and devoted attention by her music but she was one of the nicest musicians we've ever met, we were blessed to have met her and even more so blessed to have been able to listen to her wow us all with her music. Karyna Micaela will be releasing a CD later on this year so go on her site and make sure to follow this career for the world will be introduced to her soon and then small shows like this will be almost impossible to come by, if you are not familiar with her then please do yourself a favor and browse her site or look her up on YouTube and allow Karyna to blow your mind. 

       The last musician before the great Ernie Halter was Luke Wade and he almost stole the show, I personally was blown away by this man's music, but not only that, it was his stage presence combined with a variation of instruments including percussion, violin, saxophone, and guitar that just blew us all away. Some of us got the chance to meet him after the show and he gave us his CD for free, just up and handed his stuff after we professed how impressed we were with his talent. Luke will be playing in New York soon, opening for Dave Matthews Band, we recommend you follow this guy's career, we had a surreal moment while listening to this guy, it is impossible to deny talent, when you hear someone that will make it big you just know and this guy blew our minds.

     If you are unfamiliar with Ernie Halter then please do yourself a favor and jump on this bandwagon, it is one you will not regret jumping into. There is so much we could say here about Ernie, we could talk about how he is a father of twins and a loving husband, how he is a fantastic musician and song writer, we could talk about his friendship with Tony Lucca from "The Voice", we could talk about how Justin Bieber is such a big fan of his that he covered one of his songs "Come Home To Me" and later went to one of his concerts to support him. There is not limit to the amount of things we could say about Ernie, he is everything a musician should be and more, he is the embodiment of kindness and just an overall awesome guy. We recommend you follow his career and if you ever get a chance to go to one of his concerts then do so, for it is worth more than any amount you pay. We look forward in admiration and respect to the future of his career.

    This week is going to be a tough one for many of you, dealing with exams and final papers is never fun, but also for those in business the season is approaching and you must prepare for it. This time of the year is just generally overall hectic, so now you have an escape, when you get a chance listen to any of these five artists and they will not only help you relax but give you hope for what is to come. We at So Danca are very active in supporting local musicians and artists, if you are ever interested in having us support your work don't hesitate to send me an email at, we would love to meet more of you out there and share your art with the world.

  Love from your humble blogger,

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