Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Times, Bad Times, Updates And Embarrassing Stories

     This year so far has been one filled with plenty of things to be thankful for but at the same time it has been a rough year for many out there. For some reason the spring term in college and high school are both the most dangerous terms where we experience bad situations and even death either through accidents or bad decisions. Before we move to our stories for today we wanted to reach out to everyone and wish you all a good break this weekend, but please, please be safe, make sure to think before you act and surround yourselves with friends that will help you stay safe, loyal friends that will guide towards a better life. We also want to extend our condolences to all that are going through a tough time right now, some of us here have also experienced some tough times this year already. Know that you are all in our hopes and prayers. Now on a lighter side to news from this week:

   Bioware Finally Responds!

   For those of you that have not been following this controversy Bioware is a game designer that recently released the game Mass Effect 3, there was an uproar by fans based on the ending, many did not enjoy it, so much so that Bioware took note and decided to do something about it. This was a controversial move by Bioware because if they decide that the fans are right and their ending should be changed then this would set a precedence for future cases and artistic integrity would be lost, thus why the answer from Bioware released yesterday was a relief to many. Bioware announced that they will be keeping their original ending, but they will be adding sequences in between to explain the ending, this whole project will be released during the summer and it will be a free DLC (downloadable content). Some of us can't help but wonder if the Shepard indoctrination theory was correct in their video, we won't talk about it further for that would be a spoiler, but follow this LINK and watch it for yourself, it's a 20 minute video but it is worth it for sure, blew our minds. Overall this was the right move by Bioware, it gives the fans what they want while keeping the artistic integrity of the Bioware team intact.

   Total Recall Trailer Comes Out!!!

    A few months back you heard us talk about how Hollywood was going to be rebooting the old Arnold move "Total Recall" and how we thought that this was an atrocity, a bad move and so forth. The preview came out this week and we have to admit that it looks legit, this interpretation of the old story sure looks like it will be a fun movie to watch. Colin Farrell is a solid actor who happens to not land good enough movies but after seeing this preview one cannot help but think that not only does he play the part well but that this movie might just be a good one. Check out the preview and see for yourself why people are changing their minds about this reboot, we're still against rebooting for the most part, but exceptions always exist and this might be one of them.

  Dallas Storm

    Ok, we know we said this would be all good news, but we have to mention something about Dallas. If you have not heard, Dallas was hit this week with an incredible storm which spawned close to 18 tornadoes that ravaged the city. There is footage of 18 wheelers being lifted up and crashing into people's houses and so forth. This was a devastating storm, a great tragedy and we want everyone in Dallas to know that you are in our prayers. We were pleased to hear that the mortality rate was low and that everyone came together to aid the city, from rebuilding, to donating money, to taking people in that had their houses destroyed, there was sense of unity that came from this, sometimes it is through tragedy that we see the good in people come out.

    Titanic 3D

    Here is something else that we talked about recently how movie companies would start re-releasing old movies in 3D in order to make a quick buck off the fans, we had Star Wars lead the way and now Titanic is following suit. Not to worry though there are more coming as well like Finding Nemo who has been announced for a 3D viewing and again as we stated before we find this to be disappointing. We did write a whole article on this topic so we feel like repeating all that we already said would be repetitive but just so we're clear on this, we told you so. This was inevitable, and surely we will see more movies come back in 3D, hopefully they won't be the classics, let us hope that Hollywood still has a soul. 

    Super Light Note Story: My Embarrassing Adventures At The HEB

   A while ago I wrote an article on an unfortunate embarrassing story that happened at Hastings, this time the story takes place at our local HEB (the supermarket in Texas). This week was a friend of mine's birthday and her roommate decided that it would be a great idea for everyone to bring a dollar to put in a large card so that when my friend opened the card a ton of cash would fall out. I liked this idea but was also aware that many would not bring any cash and so I took it upon myself to bring 20 $1 bills in order to ensure that the card was full of money when she got it. So I went to the HEB, got some soda and at the cash register handed the lady a $20 and asked for all $1 bills back, to which she gave me a really weird look and proceeded to tell me that she couldn't do it and that I had to go to their customer service. I was confused here, I was like "what is the deal, why give me such a sour look and why couldn't she just change the $20?" the whole thing made no sense to me.

   So I go to the customer service and they're closed, just my luck, thus I have to go back to the cashier and tell her that the customer service is closed and I'm still in need of help, to which she replies by calling her manager over. Now her manager is a young girl, think early 20's and she asks me what the deal is so I explain to her that I need 20 $1 bills, and again I receive the strange sour look, but she does direct me to a cashier where she begins to change out my money. At this point, while being stared by three different cashiers and the manager I understand why I'm getting this look, they think I wanted to the money to go to a strip club, so now I'm half way panicking, "What do I do? What do I say? If I say something they'll think I'm really guilty and if I say nothing they'll assume I'm just another bad guy....what do I do?". So while fifteen thousand thoughts are racing through my head she finally finishes counting the ones and hands then to me, and like clock work I do the only thing I could do at this moment, I said nothing and just walked out as fast as I could. This story was, of course, a huge hit at the party, so I'm glad it happened but I swear that I get a weird look from the manager every time I walk into the HEB, such is my luck, lol.

   Well this week has been an eventful one for sure, we hope that you have a fantastic weekend and a glorious break, please be safe and have a great time. 

Love from your humble blogger,

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