Monday, April 9, 2012

Google's New Project, Next Gen Sytems and Catching Fire

        This month has been full of interesting stories so far, from next gen console rumors and news to new Google projects, this month has been filled with revelations, surprises and speculations, it sure is exciting to see so many new projects being announced. Technology should never be stagnant, we should never be stuck in place or ever think "there is no room for improvement" thus the plethora of news about new developments happening are always welcomed. So here are a few new projects you should know about and a brief update on the "Hunger Games" sequel "Catching Fire" who is facing some problems.

    Project Google Glass

   You can always count on Google to be pushing the limit when it comes to next gen tech, thank God for that. This new project consists of glasses that pretty much work like a smart phone interface who responds to voice commands and has an in built camera. The video shown reminds us a little of Siri, it's as if Siri was always with you helping you navigate the world. For those of you that are not familiar with Siri, she is the little voice tech on the IPhone that answers your commands and saves you time, so instead of typing something out you just say "where is the closest gas station?" and Siri finds them for you, she is quite useful. Obviously there is great speculation when it comes to the Google glasses, from if they will work properly to how much they will be and so forth, so much buzz has been created that parody videos have already started to circulate the web, it sure doesn't take long now-a-days for memes to be born but in the end this project is really exciting.

   Wii U: Nintendo's Demise?

   As per tradition every 5 years or so Nintendo releases a new system and this is the year that their new console Wii U will be releasing, some have dated it as early as November 12th. The system will be unveiled at E3 this June so everyone is very excited about that, the console itself has not been revealed but specs on the controller were released a few months back revealing the touch screen they will be releasing with it. Though we trust Nintendo to pull through and deliver a good product we have heard recent news as of late that claim that Nintendo's next gen's graphics aren't up to par. If the rumors are correct the new system has inferior graphics than  the 360 and PS3, which means that Nintendo will not be able to compete graphic wise, this is a big blow to the new system. When asked to comment Nintendo simply stated that gameplay was their main concern, this response, though expected, made many hardcore gamers worry that this new system will disappoint as much as the Wii did, only time will tell, in two months we'll either see the brilliance of Nintendo or the final years of Nintendo.

     The "Used Games" Controversy

   There have been rumors circulating the net about how the next gen systems for Microsoft and Sony will both require Internet access 100% of the time and will not run used games, in fact there is even talk about not needing for physical games anymore and just downloading games directly to your system. If this were to occur your local game retailer would die, and thus the controversy is set. These are but rumors, that's something we should all remember when dealing with these issues, Sony and Microsoft are both not stupid, to make a move so drastic as this would not only hurt the company but it would decrease their fan loyalty by a ton. People don't like to see big companies hurting the little guys, and any move by big distributors to try to remove retailers is never looked upon lightly by the people, thus why this future of no used games will probably not come to pass, it would be business suicide for companies to jump on this bandwagon. Though this is a push that will happen in the future, this is not the case for us today, maybe in 10-20 years we will see a very real push towards all online games but for now this is simply not a practical reality.

   "Catching Fire" Director Problems

   As it turns out the project has lost its director, Gary Ross has decided to step down from this project and will not be returning for the second movie. This puts Lionsgate in a very tight schedule, we will surely be receiving news very soon as to whom will be taking over this big project. On top of that, turns out that the shooting for Xmen: First Class 2 is being delayed for next year so that Jennifer Lawrence (she plays Mystique) might be able to finish shooting "Catching Fire" for its 2013 release. Thus this all means that yes we will have a sequel next year, it will be filmed this year and Lionsgate is on the lookout for the next director. What this means for the direction of the movie no one really knows, the next movie might look very different from the first one or it might follow suit, let us hope that whoever takes over the project learns from the mistakes that Ross committed and provides us with a better movie overall.

     We hope that you all had a good break this Easter and that this week might be  fantastic. It is never fun to come back from vacation but at the same time there is a sense of continuity when coming back to real life. We pray that this week might be a safe one for you.

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