Friday, April 27, 2012

Kardashians, Tom Cruisemageddon, The Hobbit And More

  The month of May is finally approaching and with it comes a plethora of news, updates and revelations, at last May has come. With May fast approaching many announcements begin to be announced this week, some good, some bad, but they all are getting us ready for how awesome this summer is going to be, we have a lot to cover today so let's just jump right in and cover the first update. If you have not heard already the Kardashians have gotten signed for 3 more years on air for 40,000,000 dollars, obviously the show's future made many people happy but the amount in question also outraged many, we've expressed our opinion before on the Kardashians so we won't make a bit here, all we can say is that the Kardashians are really good at targeting their audience and thus are at the top of the charts for this particular genre, sad really but true. Anyway, on to other news.

   The Hobbit Disappoints

   The Hobbit had an early showing for the press this week where they showed the first 10 minutes of the movie, everyone expected that the movie would be great as per tradition in the LOTR movies but it turns out that most that went to the showing were highly disappointed. An article on IGN stated that the filming was equal to that some of an old BBC episode, think old cheesy camera graphics, and not the brilliance that everyone was expecting it to be. Though this definitely disappointed many fans who are eagerly awaiting this movie, we are convinced that the directors will pull through and fix these issues before December comes around. No future screening has been announced as of yet but as soon as we find more news on this we will be sure to pass it on.

    Tom Cruisemageddon

   We are not of fan of sequels and remakes, to put it simply the majority of them are not good and even though the latest Cruise sequel "Mission Impossible 4" got good ratings and was an overall fun movie, we still cringed a little when they recently announced that MI5 is on the works but is in conflict with the making of "Top Gun 2" so Cruise is having some scheduling issues between sequels. Yes, "Top Gun 2", *mindblows* rebooting an old franchise in order to make money off of the fans of the first movie may sound brilliant but it never really is, the correct reaction to news like this is to cringe a little and shake your head at how unoriginal everything is becoming. So if you missed MI4 don't worry, you'll be getting another sequel followed by a remake, hopefully they go all out and include another epically misplaced volleyball scene, nothing is out of the question when dealing with absurds. Oh, just so you have more ridiculousness Bay is serious about "Transformers 4" so prepare yourself for more explosions, bad acting and big robots.

     Awesome Movie News

    For those that care and we hope that there are many of you that do, Walter has been set to return for the sequel to "The Muppets" due to the nature of "The Muppets" sequels are always welcomed and enjoyed, let us hope that the next addition to this franchise is as awesome as this last one was. Pixar had a big week this week with their showing of the first few minutes in "Brave" and wowing everyone in attendance, so we look forward to that for sure, and for finally giving us a title to their upcoming dinosaur based movie "The Good Dinosaur" which takes place in a parallel universe where Earth was not hit by a meteor and the dinosaurs did not die, anything Pixar does is awesome so we'll definitely keep you posted when we hear more news on this project. Another big project to keep a look out for is coming from the director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler) in 2014 which will depict the epic story of "Noah", normally we would be skeptical of such a project but it is Darren and the cast is awesome with Russell Crowe playing Noah and all, it's definitely a project worth being aware of.

      Sony and Skype

     Skype is awesome, it's as simple as that. Talking to people in other countries has never been so easy and free, free being the key word here but not only is it free, Skype provides us all with an awesome program which is constantly improving. This is why when Sony announced this week that their hand held video gaming device the PlayStation Vita will now be incorporating Skype within it our minds where blown, though this was an expected move it was still a welcomed one. The program will take up a lot less memory than previously thought which is awesome. So now after playing a game you can make Skype calls anywhere from anywhere with your device, this is something we think will be incorporated into all future systems, but the Vita got the jump on everyone, right on Sony, right on.

      YouTube Now 7

   This past Monday was the 7th anniversary of YouTube, a site that changed the world in more than one way, from the spread of memes to all, to bringing people together from afar, to uniting the world to social concerns and bringing us the very real voice of the people, these have been 7 interesting years. What would the Internet be like without YouTube? We dare not answer that question, the effects that it had throughout the world and throughout the Internet have been massive and welcomed. YouTube has not been perfect these 7 years but no one is, and we look forward to another great 7 years from the great pioneers over at YouTube and the great channels that would not exist had there been no YouTube, we tip our hats to you.

     Concluding Fun News

   For the "Arrested Development" fans out there this week has been awesome for though we knew that a new season was due to come out this next year, what we didn't know and were glad to hear was that all 10 episodes will be placed on Netflix as they come out next year, which is awesome. The other awesome announcement is that not only is "The Avengers" going to have a "Dark Knight Rises" trailer but it has been announced that it will also have a "The Amazing Spider-Man" trailer, what that means is that all those seeing "The Avengers" next week will get tons of awesome upcoming previews, stay tuned for our review of "The Avengers" coming next Friday.

    We hope you all had a fantastic week, one where you accomplished all that you set out to do, and pray that this weekend might be a restful one for you.

Love from your humble blogger,

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