Friday, October 14, 2011

100th Post: Remembering The Top 5

     I wanted to thank everyone that has supported our blog since it's very beginning, we've come a long way so far and there is still a long road ahead of us. Look forward to more articles on culture, dance and what's new with So Danca. Within these 100 posts there were 5 posts that stood out the most, here is a highlight of the top 5 most viewed posts, just is case you missed them :)

#1 No surprise here, it was a great movie, and hopefully you all enjoyed the honest blunt review.

#2 Again another no surprise, So Danca has the best Pro Tap shoe in the market, and with the ability to customize your shoe however you want, there truly is no way the competition can handle it. There is just one word that can properly describe it and that is Swagger.

#3 One of the biggest releases we've had this year yet! Our now famous pointe shoes Claudia and Toshie, were first introduced on here! The place for all So Danca news :)

 #4 A lot of people focus on July 4th from all different angles, but very few people actually focus on America's favorite pass-time, watching movies. So I compiled a list of the top movies I found that people love to watch during July 4th, I of course am partial to Independence day, the presidential speech gets to me every time.

#5 And of course, the great announcement of Harid Conservatory now wearing exclusively So Danca ballet and pointe shoes. Great news :)

   It's been a good start so far, and there are plenty of other posts that received a lot of good feedback :)
Look forward to what we've got coming, there is a lot still to do, and a lot that is going on. So be sure to stay tuned! <3

   Love from your humble blogger,

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