Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011, Remembering a Titan


 Steve Jobs just recently passed away last Wednesday afternoon catching most of us by surprise. There are many videos online right now celebrating his life and accomplishments, I've searched the net and I think these three articles were the best ones to go take a look at. With the passing of a Titan, we must pay our respects and remember the impact he had upon us all.

  One of the writers for IGN  Scott Lowe, recently put up an article celebrating Steve Jobs' life and accomplishments. IGN also put on a video remember all that he accomplished, I felt it was not only a heartfelt article, but it also highlighted some accomplishments that most don't know about, and focused a good bit on his past as well.
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  John Markoff of the New York Times also put up an article worth checking out, the NYT website is easy to use and has plenty of pictures from his life, to family, interactions, and more.

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  The L.A.Times outdid themselves on this one, by following this link you'll be linked to a video page, from there there are various articles, pictures and more videos celebrating Jobs' life. I recommend checking it out.

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   There is an importance to remembering the men and women that have shaped our culture so significantly. While you are reading all these articles, the point is not to make everyone sad, but to see what a life filled with accomplishments looks like, a life of hard work, inspiration, and dream fulfillment.
       One of the greatest inventors of our time has passed away, let us remember him, and celebrate his life.

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