Monday, October 31, 2011

Comic Book's Rising Influence on TV And Why That's Awesome

        For the past few years we've seen a shift of interest from the people towards comic book movies. From Spiderman, to Superman we've had a large genre of movies based on comic books being made. It's astounding really, sometimes you'll be watching something and have no idea that it previously was a comic book as in the case of 300 or V: For Vendetta. Thus this week will be a highlight of the great moments we've been having and the worst moments as well. We'll begin by addressing the influence of comics on Television shows, so here we go:

The Walking Dead

     This is the most famous zombie related comic book, and though this show is not for everyone, this is a great show. AMC really stepped up their game when they took on this show. It astounds me though the amount of people that had no idea that this was previously a comic book, the comic book series has been going for years now. Again this is a horror show, so it's more for adults, this show is not for everyone, but don't fret, there are other great shows out there that deserve our attention.

Once Upon A Time

      Now this one is a tad different, what they did here is that they took a really good working comic book called Fables, and adapted the story a tad to much, there is still hope that they are doing a prequel to the comic series and that it might end up that way, but we shall see. This series is about to start on ABC and I recommend it, more because they have amazing writers working on this than anything else. I also recommend you pick up the comic book, this is a series that has won countless awards, almost every year they win an award, it's pretty ridiculous how awesome they are.

The Dark Tower

       This show has not come out yet but this is one that we all should be looking forward to. Stephen King worked on this series and it was amazing, now HBO has decided to pick up the series and do what they do best, create a fantastic show. This comic story has everything one would like from a Stephen King novel, except this is based off a comic book series which basically means Stephen King unleashed. The comic book world allows authors to let loose, they are reaching a different audience so they don't have to bother with what their "book audience" will think, and the creative sparks just take charge. Another great move by a television channel, this movement is growing, expect more of these to come.

The Punisher

         Fox decided that they can't sit on the back-burner when it comes to the superhero game, so they are in the process of seeking rights to the Punisher series, where they will either A create a fantastic show or B ruin one the biggest tough guys in the comic book world. This one is a 50/50 still, there are talks on production and when it'll be released and so forth. Let's just hope it comes out better than the movies, that's not too much to ask, is it?

Tentative Titles

         The two biggest tentative titles that you should be aware of is Under Locke and Key, this is another horror suspense drama that really packs a punch. It's the leading award winner comic series right after Fables, it's got everything one would expect from a solid comic book series, and being that the writers are going to be involved with the series, there can only come awesomeness from whatever tv station gives them a chance, this is one you have to keep an eye out for.

         Another big deal that is truly a brilliant move by Marvel is the creation of tv shows that will tie in to the Marvel movies and provide us with fillers while we wait for the main movies to come out. The importance of this is huge, this is a legit attempt to accomplish something that has never been accomplished well before. To have series that take place before, during, and after the movies is a fantastic concept. Out of all the heroes they have lined up for this new move, the Hulk is the biggest baddest one of them all, I think this is either going to be brilliant or it'll flop, either way I recommend you check it out, Marvel hasn't disappointed yet...well let's pretend Spiderman 3 didn't exist.

    There are a ton of shows that I didn't mention as well, Smallville is the obvious one I failed to mention, and one that deserves the last paragraph. We've had our ups and downs with this series, but in the end I think they accomplished what they meant to accomplish, which was to give a good summed up account of what Clark Kent went through prior to becoming Superman and learning to fly and so forth. With the series coming to a close, I would have to admit that this was a good series, it wasn't great, but it was good/enjoyable. I'm still disappointed that they didn't go all the way to him becoming superman, but such is life I guess. Before being to harsh with this show first remember that this is a CW show, obviously we can't expect a ton from it.

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