Friday, October 28, 2011

Solid Advertising

    There is an art to good advertising, one that is commonly ignored by those in the ad industry. The key element that is missing within most ad agencies is creativity, meaning thinking outside the box. This is true to most agencies that work on car commercials, 9 out of 10 car commercials will start and finish the same way, we have the "man voice" in the background and the car going through some pasture or a wide stretch of road with trees all around. Very few times do we get an actual car commercial that makes us go, "wow that was new and awesome". This is also true of other companies as well, the most difficult type of advertising, besides radio, has to be picture advertizing, it's a rough field, but some companies have succeed, and thus they deserve our attention.

 Here is a list of the top 3 most obnoxious ads of the week and top 3 awesome ads that we will never forget . In order to qualify for the top 3 list the ad must have increased the companies' sales, while being amazing or obnoxious. The amount of good ads out there is rather impressive so forgive me if I'm not including your favorite ad within this article.


Nissan Frontier

      I cannot think of a more BRASH truck commercial than this one. The amount of awesomeness and absurdity that this commercial brings to the table makes you shake your head but also makes you think "hey, maybe I'll check that car out next time I'm looking for a truck". It's brilliant really, a brilliant advertising move.

 Dr. Pepper 10

     This is another super brash commercial, it's incredibly obnoxious, I personally hated it when I first saw it, but guess what, every guy I ran into that was drinking a Dr. Pepper 10 told me they "had to try it after they saw the commercial", and there were girls drinking it to in spite of the commercial, meaning, mission accomplished, new drink, everyone is drinking it, well done Dr. Pepper, well done indeed.

Nissan Frontier (Take Two)

        I don't know who the advertising team over at Nissan is but they deserve a medal, not only did they release two original commercials, but they also managed to make both brash obnoxious and at the same time awesome. You gotta hand it to them, this was rather brilliant. Some at Nissan needs a raise.



       Obviously Apple needs to be mentioned here, there is no escaping it, their ads are always simple, brilliant and engaging. The message is simple, Apple rules and you need one. And they accomplish this message so well that not only do we buy their products but we also become small fanboys/girls, not everyone is an Apple lover but everyone loved these commercials. It was Apple's slap in the face of PC's and it was brilliant.

       Coke has had a long history of good commercials, the most famous and cute one has to be the polar bear one, everyone loved it and it quickly become a peak in their advertising success. It's one we'll always remember and no matter how many variations they through at us, they are always cute and fun, gotta love the creative team at Coke, they truly know what they are doing.

Batman: Arkaham City

       Clearly this is the most awesome Batman commercial out there, it had me laughing for a while. This is a simple straight forward ad about a new Batman game that has just come out. It gets the point across, and provides us with some laughs. Take notes advertising agencies.

     And there you have it, a new series we'll be doing every month. There are plenty of good commercials out there, if you have any favorites let us know with a comment below.

    Hope you all have a great weekend,

  Love from your humble blogger,

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