Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top 4 Most Obnoxious Reality TV Shows

       Not all reality tv is obnoxious. Take American Idol for example, that's a great show, or Dancing With The Stars or even America's Got Talent. All of those are legit shows about people with talent wanting to make it big, and we get to experience a good journey along the way, almost feeling like we are part of everything that happens within the show. That is good television.

       The beginning of reality tv came from The Real World then Road Rules shortly followed, and they were into getting a group together to live together and perform takes and such. It had drama within it, but it was never over the top, never did you think "Wow, that's wretched", as in never did you have episode after episode of just rotten trash. What I mean by this is that we have a few show now days that are extremely popular but have crossed that line to the point that the line is no longer even in sight. They consists on every episode being around the crud of human life, how horrible or dramatic life could be, and really never come off of that funk. As in Real World you got some drama, it was never overpowering, there were never a series of events that occurred every episode that made you cringe (at least not in the first few seasons).

      Here are a few shows that I believe push the line, in fact they don't just push the line, they get on a flight and see how far over the line that can get. Don't take me wrong though, I've seen all of these shows, and sometimes I've enjoyed them myself, I know what the appeal is, but again, one must learn to critique everything in life, specially the things we approve of.

Jersey Shore

      I feel like this one is an obvious choice. Every episode you can count on: someone taking their shirt off, them getting drunk, hooking up with each other or other bi-standards around the cities they are at, there will be cursing, fighting, trash talking, and will portray women in a light of not only "non-intelligence" but also "sleaziness" that in the end of the day hurts the image of what it means to be a woman. Even when it comes to men as well, if we are to take this show as an example of how men and women ought to behave then honestly there is no hope left in the world. With all that said, I still find it funny, and sometimes witty, but it is still obnoxious.

Real Housewives

      I could pin point one of the many versions of this show as being the worst, but honestly they are all pushing the limit. This show makes me never want to get married. If this is the norm for marriage relationships then why should anyone ever want to get married? No wonder marriage is on a decline. I think there should be a warning logo in the beginning of the show saying something like *Warning: The wives in this show are the scum of the earth, by following their example you will also become a scum of the earth, do not attempt at own risk*. In fact I think that warning label should be on all these shows. *end rant*

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

     Take the "Real Housewives" and get them to breed with the "Situation" from Jersey Shore and you got the Kardashians. That's really all I can say about this show, it's by definition obnoxious. The warning label for this how would read *Warning: This is not representative of what a family should look like, we found the richest most messed up family we could find, so do not attempt at own risk*. Can you imagine the amount of damage one episode of this show does to a girl with low self-esteem? Think about it, hence why this show made it to the obnoxious list.


       The new survivor "Redemption Island" is on it's way doing it's whole survivor thing, which can be a fun event over all. Survivor is a show that had big press then died and now is being reborn, but there is a distinct reason for this show being obnoxious, one very important fact that we as American's forget, and that comes off really offensive to everyone else. In the show Survivor we are sending Americans to live at places for a few months THAT PEOPLE ALREADY LIVE AT! we're talking there are full civilizations there starving, with little medicine and so forth, and instead of helping those people we go "Hey, you know what would be awesome? If we sent some Americans to try and live like those people! Man, I could never imagine living that way." The whole thing is obnoxious, can you imagine the guy that grew up his whole life on the harsh regions seeing that show and going "I survived 60 years of this, can I get a million dollars?", and of course he can't, cause he's not American and we care more for entertainment sometimes. Not all the time, don't take me wrong, we rock when it comes to helping other nations, but one should be able to understand where I'm coming from with this survivor thing, it's just a tad insensitive.

      And there you have it, the top four obnoxious shows that happen to the on the top 10 most popular shows in America. If you watch any of these shows that does not mean you are a terrible person, I watch some of these shows as well, chances are most people recognize the obnoxiousness within them and that's the entertainment level of the shows. I am concerned about the kids that don't know that these shows are obnoxious, and think that this is the norm, and trust, those kids exist. We need to spread the word that being smart about the things we approve is a must always, we must always take the time to analyze what we are watching and what kind of impact it's having in the world around us.

   Think about it,

  Love from your humble blogger,

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