Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Motivation

          There is an art to being grateful, to being able to look at all your problems and troubles and instead of focusing on the negative to take the time to focus on the positive things happening at the time or that have occurred in the past. The art of gratitude is a neglected art for good reason, it’s much easier to focus on the negatives that life brings than the positives. Thus I feel that there is an importance in talking about this, surely you are going through some sort of tough time right now, and surely there might not be many solutions to your dilemma, or at least it might seem like there aren’t any solutions, my advice is take breath, take a second to focus on the good things, on all the conflicts you’ve overcome and notice all the blessings that have gone unnoticed within your life.

            The worst part about bad times is that they never come alone, they always come in groups, thus making it seem like life is closing in on you, and that there is no way out. This is not the case, yes when life throws troubles your way they generally come in packs, but there are always ways out, ways solutions. When you are undergoing a problem it’s tough to see the solution, but that does not mean that the solution is not there. And remember that sometimes the solution is as simple as “let it be”, some problems just need to be worked out by themselves, you cannot and will never be able to solve all the problems in your life, thus the importance to take a breath and realize that you don’t have to, that sometimes you just gotta let things go and let the bad times run their course. 

            The key here is to remember the good times, to remember the key awesome moments in your life, and I bet they are many. Everyone experiences good times, no one ever only has bad things going on in their life. The trouble is realizing that you are de-prioritizing the good things and prioritizing the bad things. Things like being alive get taken for granted until that becomes a problem. Whatever is not a problem in your life is a potential thing to be grateful for. 

            “If it wasn’t this it would be something else” so remember to be grateful, remember that you are not alone in your troubles, remember that though things might seem bad that there is always a way out, always a solution. And remember to smile more, to laugh more, to surround yourself with good friends and remember the good times that are happening and those that have passed.

            Be Grateful.

  Love from your humble blogger,

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