Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 4 Dance Related TV Shows

         So far this week we have covered 4 shows that you should give a chance to, 4 shows that we all love but must recognize are at the same time obnoxious, and today keeping with the spirit of this week I will attempt to highlight the 4 best shows that have dancing as one of their main premises. One issue though that needs to be mentioned and addressed is the lack (meaning it's few and far between sometimes) of professional dance talent that is shown within these shows.

        Here is what I mean. Though I enjoy these shows and consider them to be a solid tool for growing the love of dance in America, we cannot ignore the fact that these shows do not host many professional dancers. That there is only one show that handles the "story" of a group of dancers, meaning only one show that has dance included in it that is not a "reality tv" show. I think it would not only make for a good show but also be well received if they came out with a show about a dancer that is trying to make it big, think Fame the tv show, or something like it. The amount of drama surrounding the growth of a dancer is sufficient to not only produce a solid show but to also capture the hearts of America. Just a thought, TV producers should get on that, there is money to be made, and people that want to be entertained.

So You Think You Can Dance

     The "American Idol" of dance, obviously well received by dancers and non-dancers alike. This show not only had a positive impact on the dance community, but also made dance "cool" within culture again, so much so that this show brought on a series of shows that for the most part function along the same paradigm. This first show changed the scene and for that we are eternally thankful, plus its good television.

Dancing With The Stars

    The mother of dance shows, this show came out into production about a month before "So You Think You Can Dance", and laid out the needed foundation for all other dance shows to be able to receive the recognition they deserve. How do you get America back into dancing? Simple, get celebrities to do it and the rest will follow. This is true of the dance industry in general when it comes to the masses. When did we have a boom in the dance industry? Well, put simply it was when we started having a plethora of musicals that included dancing round the 1950's, of course it started before that and went for a good while, but recently we have not had a ton of musicals that include dancing, thus why the creation of a TV show that hosted celebrities dancing was such a brilliant move. And an enjoyable one as well.

America's Best Dance Crew

      Ok ok, I know that there are other shows that I could put here, but this particular show has always caught my interest. The amount of talent shown within this particular show is overwhelming, one can only hope that possibly in the future they will create other show focusing on a specific dance style that follow the premise of this show. Think this show with the premise of having ballet, jazz or tap as being the soul focus, it would be brilliant. I think that this show could possibly bring about other more genre focused shows in the future, and that is something to be excited about.


    There is a significant importance to this show, this is the first successful TV show that hosts not only great music and dancing but also follows a story line. Including a story to a dance TV show is essential, this could mean that possibly we will have a TV show about a struggling dancer in the future. This show changed the game altogether. They choose to instead of doing a dance movie to create a television show that not only is entertaining but is also very heavy on dance sequences and singing, performing in general, its a bold and magical move. Because of the success of this show we now have high hopes for the future of dance within television. Plus it's a great show, with a solid cast handling true life issues, meaning it's a show that you must check out at some point if you are not already doing so.

     One can only look forward to the certain bright future of dance within the television industry, let us hope that it continues to be a good one.

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