Monday, December 19, 2011

Baylor's RGIII Wins The Heisman "A Story Of Perseverance"

      Baylor's very own Robert Griffin III or RGIII just recently won the Heisman award, making him the first player to ever get the award within Baylor history. This is a story about perseverance, about hope, faith and teamwork. RGIII's first two years weren't bad but they weren't significant years as well, then he got hurt and could not play his third year causing him to have to sit out for the whole season last year. Baylor did not do that amazing last year, in fact we were pretty bad, but though the team could not pull off any miracles the fans stuck together and never let go of the faith that they were placing on their heroes on that field.

     RGIII did come back the following year, this year, and played even better than he had before, its as if the year he was injured was a necessity in order to bring out his full potential. Not only though did he come back fully recovered, he came back and united the team, he showed the team that sliver of hope they needed to see in order to keep their spirits alive and thus Baylor finished with one the best seasons they have ever had and RGIII became the first Baylor student to receive the Heisman. Perseverance stories are always a great reminder to us all, that you should never give up, never surrender and always pick yourself up when you fall.

     "This is the biggest thing that has ever happened in Baylor!" Shouted Dr. Lefever, a grad school professor. The uproar could be heard throughout the whole campus, some have said, celebrations took place everywhere that there was a Baylor student, no matter where they were there was excitement. The fact that RGIII is a super nice guy helps as well, here we're talking the ultimate leader and a gentleman, the guy has it all, everyone that has met him loves him, and those that don't love him at least respect him, those are rare qualities to find now-a-days and thus should be recognized. "RGIII should be the poster child of the NCAA. Great player, student, and impact on the Waco community" said Robbie Matteson of the Truett community within Baylor.

       Baylor has also done very well within other realms in the sports world, they have the number one ranking women's basketball team, and the guys team is not far behind at seven, both teams are undefeated, women's at 11-0 and guys at 9-0. The women's team also boasts having one of the best players within the NCAAW B.Griner who will ultimately win all the awards within that competition as well. Thus Baylor is a beast, they are not a huge school, though they have tons of spirit and only god knows what this school will do in the future. A true lesson on never giving up.

        "There has never been a more deserving Heisman trophy winner than RGIII. He has given an entire city a figure to rally behind and he is an amazing football player. He is the savior of BU football which was a disaster before he and Coach Art Briles arrived. He transcended football and put Baylor on the map. Griffin winning the Heisman was Christmas come early for Baylor and Waco" says grad student Ryan Saunders.

      The big question on Baylor's mind right now is if RGIII will go pro or will stay another year at Baylor, hopeful fans litter the stands in hope that he will consider staying another year and leading the Baylor Bears to further heights. All RGIII has said in comment has been "I'm not thinking about all that yet, for now I just want to stay focused on what is ahead and lead the Bears into a Bowl victory". Great things to come from this player, and from this school, stay tuned.

     Christmas is right around the corner, so take a deep breath and beat this week, rest is coming.

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