Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank You For Itunes Steve

    One of the biggest changes that came to the world because of the work and brilliance that Steve Jobs had was the creation of Itunes, before we had Itunes we had cd stores and no one likes cd stores. When you walk into a cd store generally you are bombarded with choices, tons of movies, tons of cds, and you have that one store clerk that keeps following you throughout the store asking you if you need help, though I'm exaggerating a bit you have to admit that you have faced this issue before, it was a reality, thanks to Steve it no longer has to be.

    The brilliance behind getting everyone on board Itunes is something that should be admired, though this is not the point I wish to focus on that does not mean everyone should not look that history up, I recommend it, it's brilliant stuff. The part about Itunes which doesn't get talked about much because of everyone just "knowing" about it, is its incredible affect on your everyday life. If music shapes your life in any way then this evolution to Itunes impacted you in a similar fashion, and oh do we love it.

    There are a few dangers to Itunes though, nothing big, but still dangers. Because the Itunes on your phone is connected directly to your credit card you never really see how much you are spending, thus you end up spending more money than you should on music. In fact that is the biggest genius move by Jobs, by creating a virtual music store that is always next to you, he created a medium for you to spend you money without abandon every time you heard a song you liked. This is a dangerous thing, for if you don't watch out you might end up spending a lot of money on Itunes, if you don't believe me then look at your own account and see how much you've spent, trust, its usually more than you thought. 

     Itunes has really helped in amazing ways though, like the fact that our music is priced fairly is a big deal, before Itunes came along we would drop $15-$20 bones on a good cd, now-a-days everything is $9.99 and that is a beautiful thing. The ability to buy songs separately was a genius move as well, there are so many bad cds out there that have one and two good songs in them, it was always an obnoxious thing that now we don't have to deal with anymore. Like any other store Itunes also does deals, meaning they have a "deal of the day/week" that occurs from time to time where you can find some really good stuff for really cheap.

     In closing, there is something beautiful about hearing a song and being able to purchase it right there on the spot and listen to it without having to spend more money than you wanted and have to deal with those pesky cd wrappers, I've always hated how they wrap cd cases, its ridiculous how difficult they make them to open, in the words of Ellen "Why are cds so hard to unwrap, being that they are sturdy and all, and on the other hand we have lamps who are super fragile but come in flimsy cardboard wrappings". In short we have a lot to thank Jobs for, so much, and one accomplishment we should never take for granted is the creation of Itunes.

    So put on your favorite song, and have a blast this Friday, we hope you have a glorious one.

Love from your humble blogger, 

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