Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Shopping "Toys That Never Go Old"

    We have five days till Christmas is upon us, and last minute gift shopping is approaching, that stressful time of the year. Due to this phenomenon approaching, we've decided to aid you in your conquest of finding gifts for that difficult cousin, or that crazy aunt, we are always here to help. As we compiled a normal "last minute" list, something came upon us, something we had forgotten, that some toys are never outgrown, and no matter who you are or what stage in your life you are, you cannot help but to love them. This is not true for all toys, and not all toys on the list apply to everyone, but if I were to bet I would say that at least one of these toys applies to you or a close relative. These would be a fun gift, an unexpected surprise, and bringing someone the ability to remember their childhood days is a gift that has immeasurable worth.

Nerf Guns

       There aren't many guys, out there that would not love to get a Nerf gun, there is something about them that just brings joy to the heart. This applies to some girls as well, people in general, love them. Its a strange phenomenon, in Middle School Nerf is the bomb, in High School you are a nerd if you play with them, in College most frats have 20-30 guns themselves, and in Grad School a nerf gun brings about much joy and remembrance, and in your professional life the process repeats in the same order. It's one of those toys that most will never outgrow, a solid choice. If you are thinking about buying a present for a large group of friends you could even buy them all separate types of Nerf guns, ones that would fit each personality your friends have and give it to them all at once, 9/10 times this will result in good times occurring.


   I'm personally not a huge fan of them, thus proving that some are not into them, but I also didn't play with them much in my childhood. If you have someone in your family that loved them as a child, they will love them as an adult, even if when you give it to them they brush it off, know that when they get home they'll rip the package open and start playing with their Legos. It's a phenomenon really, there are some toys that we will never outgrow, some toys that bring us to a simpler time, and again there are few things in this world as important as being able to take a break, relax, and enjoy something you love, something you cherish, old toys hit just that spot sometimes, and thus another good gift.

Board Games

     Though they say on the package that it's fun for all ages, we know that there are some board games out there that are designed for a younger audience, which is shocking, for they are still fun even today. Some examples that come to mind are Life, Monopoly, Jenga (that counts), Battleship, Operation, Mouse Trap, Clue, Candy Land, and so forth. Get a few friends together and these games are still fun, no matter what age group you belong to. The High School phenomenon still occurs for these games as well sometimes, for some reason things that were cool in Middle School skip High School and become fun again in College, it might have to do with the lack of worry about popularity and the freedom to just be yourself and enjoy life, a good time overall.

Video Games

     Though this is a newer toy, it is still a toy, one for the whole family, and one that is now accepted everywhere, even during the High School phase. There are games for all types of people, sports, dance, shooting, story based games, puzzle, role playing games and so forth. Its astounding for the video game phenomenon overtook the people and now is an accepted toy within most peoples in all age groups, where as when they first came out only the nerds were into them, this is truly a revenge of the nerds moment to all those old jocks from back in the day. So if someone has a system, find them a good game and they will love you, doesn't have to be a new game, could be an older one, just make sure to go to a game site and check how the games were reviewed, if they were good or bad and such, is one such site.

Old Fun Toys

    This requires a little bit more research into the person you might be buying a gift for, but is still a good one. Everyone has That toy that they loved when they were children, this could be a teddy bear, a toy soldier, an action figure even, everyone's got something that they loved as a child that they would love to have again as an adult. This category applies to a very large group of toys, you can buy him/her a Rock'em Sock'em, or it could be an old Atari, and so forth. Again this is the hardest one to get right on the list, but is the one that could bring someone to tears of joy when they receive it. Everyone's got one, got something they loved or wanted but could never afford, with a little research you can find what that was and bring about a Christmas miracle.

   As the Holidays are approaching, we at So Danca want to wish everyone good tidings, and send our love to you. May this week be a great one for you, and may you have a great weekend with family and friends.

Love from your humble blogger,  

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