Friday, December 30, 2011

Recalling Our Highlights: So Danca 2011

     With the closing of the year near us, we here at So Danca believe that it is important to look back unto the blessings that this past year brought, remembering all the good things that occurred in order to never forget them, and thus understand how fantastic this year really was. It is really easy to get bogged down on the bad, to only remember the bad things that happened, thus this exercise of looking back on the good is very important and is one we recommend to everyone. Here is a look at the highlights of this year for So Danca:


      The recession has hit us all pretty hard and we are no different than any other company out there when we say that it was a tough year full of heavy planning and sweat. Though this year was a tough one we braved the storm like champions and came out of this year not only in good standings but we also grew 25%, which is our company's all time record. Thus we at So Danca are very happy to see our sweat and hard work pay off, we look forward to this next year anticipating an even better year.

    New Product 

     This year we introduced  our new pointe shoes SD09 and SD40  in the market promising that they would not disappoint any who would wear them, and Oh did they do well. Our new pointe shoe line quickly was accepted in the market and began to win the hearts of the populace one foot at a time, quickly establishing itself as the best shoe in the market and one of our best selling items we have. If you love pointe and have not tried our shoes yet then do yourself a kindness, in fact do your feet a kindness and go to your nearest retailer and try one on, we promise your feet will be in bliss.

    Best Selling Line

      This came to no surprise to us, our tap shoe line has been the best in the market since its birth. We believe in having the best possible product in the market at all times, putting all our expert shoe makers together with professional dancers to provide you with the best tap shoes in the market, thus it came to no surprise that our tap shoes earned such great standings in the charts and in your hearts. We will continue to support the tap world with the best shoes in the market, the tap scene deserves nothing but the best, and we at So Danca only know how make perfection, you can always count on us.


     So Danca USA and So Danca Canada have both begun doing tap workshops all throughout their respective countries, within the USA branch So Danca has been hosting tap workshops taught by the great pair Aaron Tolson and Derrick Grant, be sure to stay tuned for upcoming tap shows at your nearest retail store, or request one from a retail store in order to bring Aaron and Derrick to your town, for more details stay tuned here as well, as we will always keep you In The Know. Our Canada branch is also hosting these workshops taught by the one and only Everett Smith, we've seen nothing but great things come from Everett and any time spent with him has always been a good time, a great teacher, a great dancer, a great guy, overall a fantastic addition to our So Danca family.

      Clothing Line

     This year So Danca's USA and Canada branches both wowed the North American market by introducing our European clothing line taking everyone by surprise and stealing the hearts of millions. So Danca's European branch produces the most beautiful styles in the world, with designers from Italy, France and surrounding countries we stand out above all competition, always providing you with the most exquisite clothing lines deserving your attention and admiration.


     So Danca's USA branch has also begun having periodical pointe shoe seminars with our very own Anne Polajenko. These are held at our USA headquarters located over at Deerfield Beach, Florida, and will always be advertized here and on our main site, so be sure to keep a look out. We've had great success with these seminars and there has been high demand for them to happen more frequently so be sure to check with us for upcoming news, for they will surely be coming soon.


     This year marks the 14th year in a roll where the So Danca customer service team has been rated the best in the world. This is something we take very seriously, since the birth of our company we have always fought to provide you with the best team we could find, we have no robots answering our phones, you'll always find someone on the other line with a smile ready to answer any and all of your questions, with honesty and respect. At So Danca we believe in old family virtues, and the need to always be respectful to anyone and everyone. You can always count on us, we are here for you.


    This year market the beginning of something beautiful, this was the year that So Danca went viral witnessing the birth of our ever growing blog "Be In The Know". We thank everyone that has been supporting our blog's growth, and promise to continue providing you with entertaining posts, informative posts, encouraging posts and more. So keep checking every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for there is a lot more to come!!!


    So Danca has had a fantastic year and we hope that you have had a glorious year as well. We hope you have a fantastic New Year and please make sure to be safe in your celebrations.

       "So Danca Fits Well, Feels Great, Is Always Available, And Very Comfortable, We Are The Best!
                                                                It's As Simple As that"

Love from your humble blogger, (and a Happy New Year to you all!)

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