Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Friday, Go And Make It a Great One!

     Its finally Friday, I'm a believer of the motto "work hard, play hard", you've worked hard this week, you gave it your all, and you deserve to have a calm and relaxing Friday, so we've compiled a small list to make your Friday that much better, including a good movie to get your mind of off everything, some funny videos to relax you and allow you to enjoy yourself and who knows what more, so make sure to Carpe Diem this Friday and have blast friends!

The Muppets

       It amazes me sometimes how some people have stopped appreciating "The Muppets", with their new movie out now I've attempted to gather some friends to go and watch it but to no avail, it was a battle to convince some and only found a handful of people that were as excited as I was about it. True its a kids movie, true its cheesy, but its our childhood, its what we  grew up on, how could I not be excited about it?

      In case your thinking about going to see it, do so, its a great movie, definitely a great addition to the series and Jason Segel is brilliant, if you love him in all his scattered roles (Specially How I met Your Mother, which is a brilliant show) then you'll love this movie for sure. Let's not forget Amy Adams as well, Amy has had a plethora of fantastic movies she's been in lately, and the most amazing thing about Amy is that she has been a completely different character in many of them, not a normal thing and something to recognize her from, going from Enchanted to The Fighter, to The Muppets and soon she's be Louis Lane in the new Superman movie "Man of Steel", yeah this lady deserves mad props for being awesome. So if you haven't gotten a chance to go and see this movie yet, then do yourself a kindness and go, even if you think it's cheesy, let your inner child out and have a field day.

Funniest Commercial 

      As Promised every end of the month we'll show you the funniest commercial entry we found or someone sent to us, this one was recommended to us and Oh were we dying watching it, every time we watch it is like the first time, truly a brilliant add, *raises glass* here's to care companies, may they continue to provide us with funny awesome commercials.

A YouTube Channel You Should Know About

        This is an older channel, I've been following his videos for a long time now, but it astounds me how many people have never heard of him, mysteryguitarman is a boss, 'nough said, his videos are not only brilliant but show how much work he puts into them, I'm always impressed by his ingenuity and skill, never a bad idea to lose yourself within this channel watching the man at work. Find his Youtube Channel HERE

For The XKCD Fans Out There

      Oh don't lie, I know that there are some nerds out there that totally have gone through this problem, even if you're not a "nerd" (in the closet), I'm sure you've googled a question before only to find out that someone has previously asked that same question and to your terror no answer was given even though the question was asked years prior to you asking....yeah it's always unfortunate, a good lol anyway


    And there we have it guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen we hope you have a fantastic weekend full of laughter and joy, make sure to get some rest and prepare yourself for whatever challenges you'll be facing next week.

  Love from your humble blogger,

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