Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Moving Pains

     During this time of year some of us find ourselves in the annoying process of moving, from a lease that just ran out, to a new apartment, end of semester dorm move, either way, it is a tedious process. There are a few methods to the madness of moving that could facilitate your life, a few steps you could take that will make a significant difference and aid you a lot:

Reliable Truck Friend

      It is always important to make sure that at all time in your life you have at least one friend who owns a truck is dating a guy who owns a truck or is best friends with someone who owns a truck. A reliable truck friend is a must, he or she know of their duty of aiding others with their truck and usually they are glad to help. This is a big deal though, one you should consider in advance before you begin the moving process. Yes you could rent a truck but then you'll have to pay for the truck and you won't have the extra help, which again proves that having that friend who owns a truck trumps all other options. Buying them lunch after they help you is not a must, but recommended.

Keep A Weather Lookout

     Always make sure to check when it will rain for you do not want to start moving your stuff when its raining, or the chances of rain are high. I've lost two couches and a TV due to poor planning and bad weather, it's better to wait than to risk it, trust. So even before you phone that truck friend you should make sure to look up when the weather will be favorable, so as to plan things better and to not waste the "reliable truckers" time.

Cleaning Products

     While you are packing don't forget to leave a few cleaning products behind for last. Once you are done packing and your place is empty there will be a need for cleaning to be done, hence saving the cleaning supplies. Nothing worse than finishing a whole packing session, moving everything, and then realizing that you need to clean the old place still and end up having to open a bunch of boxes till you find those pesky cleaning products. Please don't make this mistake, I assure you, its rather annoying.

Keep Old Boxes

      You should always make sure to have a few old boxes laying around for you never know when you'll need them, specially if you ever have to move. There is an art to saving things, I do not mean hoard all the boxes you can find, I do mean, save 5-7 boxes in a closet somewhere within your home that will aid you when you have to move again, this is specially useful if you know that you will be moving very soon. A wise course of action overall.

Call Good Friends

     Personally I have a policy to never call friends unless they offer to help, and even when they offer to help, never abuse their aid but instead, always call them only when you need them and reward them for their help, a meal works nicely. Being careful and courteous when dealing with helpful friends is not only good for the future of your friendship but also for your next move, if you treated them fairly they will be willing to help again, thus being a good friend in return is always the best policy.

    And there you go, a few things that will make your moving experience a little less hectic, for moving is never fun.

Love from your humble blogger,

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