Friday, December 9, 2011

Flu Season Advice

      Starting at around October going through the end of winter we face the threat of the flu, and what an annoying threat it is. Personally it always hits me mid November or early December, its like clockwork for me, being that we're pretty much all on the same boat, here is a list of things you can do in order to recover quickly or to avoid getting sick in the first place, I hope it is a help to you:

Getting the Flu Shot

      Though this one is a given not everyone decides to get a shot every year, personally I'm one of those people. Wallgreens always has them available and every year I think "Nah, I'll be fine this year", and then I get sick and regret not getting the shot to begin with. There isn't really an over-arching reason as to why some of us don't take the shot, maybe it's a feeling of invulnerability, maybe it's laziness, or maybe a little of both, but if you haven't gotten the flu yet this season, then getting the shot might be a good idea.


      There are a lot of flu medicines out there, Mucinex D being the strongest and best one in my opinion, but for the common cold or the random flu out there, I've found that the Quil's work wonders, any product by Vicks is a reliable bet, they know what they are doing. NyQuil is perfect for me because it does not leave me groggy the next day, though I understand that medicines hit people differently thus this could not be the case for you, for me it's the best "nighttime relief" in the market.


    Tea is definitely one of the best ways to go about helping yourself recuperate, it helps in many ways, from hydration, to a soothing feeling. Whenever you start feeling a sore throat coming drink a cup of "Organic Throat Coat" from Traditional Medicinals. This particular tea brand is known for making various different products that can aid your healing with organic means, which is awesome, so though you'll be fighting the flu with all the prowess of science, you'll also be facing it with the magnificent abilities that Mother Earth has, plus when your medicine is telling you that "to enhance benefit, add honey" there can be no wrong with that medicine.


     The plural here is important, yes Vitamin C is the big focus during the flu season, but you cannot neglect all the other vitamins that your body needs and focus on C alone. Thus find a "One a Day" that you like, meaning, a vitamin that has your suggested daily amount and also take a vitamin C with that. Of course you can always go and get your vitamins from food, which is always a fun way to go about things, but for that college student that is broke Multi-Vitamin pills are a life-saver.


     Malnutrition is a killer, this can cause your flu to hang around for a while, or cause your body to be vulnerable and fall prey to the flu, either way its bad news. Therefore remember to eat a balanced diet even before you get sick. If you do get the flu then chicken soup is always a good choice, avoid fried foods, spicy foods, anything too sweet, and focus on getting better. A good breakfast is essential, cereal being one of the best ways to go about it. Just remember that your body can only do so much, giving your body proper fuel is a must if you expect it to perform as it should.


   Rest is important, getting plenty of sleep is a must for it gives your body time to recover. While you are asleep your body takes the time to fight whatever ills your body is facing, thus sleeping is an important factor when you face the flu. Though most people that face the flu don't have the problem of needing encouragement when it comes to sleeping, a factor we forget about is that our bodies need the sun, that going outside and just walking around even can be a great aid to you while you are sick. Your psychological approach to the illness does play a significant role when it comes to your recovering, specially from the flu. The person that is ready to face the day and fight life head on, while getting plenty of rest and vitamins, will recover faster than the person that is depressed/gloomy laying in bed feeling like there is no hope to be found in life. The human "will" is a powerful thing, and should not be underestimated, ever.

  Hopefully none of you will be facing the flu anytime soon, its never a fun endeavor, surely not one anyone wishes for. Have a glorious Friday, full of joy and laughter, and to those that are sick with the flu out there, have a quick recovery and watch tons of awesome movies.

Love from your humble blogger,

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