Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After

     Many of us did not have to work today, thus we are thankful, but here is a cheers for all those that had to work over the Holidays, may you have some rest this week and may your New Years' be a fun one. The 26th is always an interesting day, we're coming off the Holiday's high, family is still around making small talk, you still have tons of food to digest from the night before, and the need to recharge your energies becomes a striking reality, tis' a great day.

     We are now officially on the last 6 days (counting today) of the year, and we at So Danca want to remember all the highs of the year, the good times, the bad times, events we all should remember, deaths we should keep in mind, births that struck us and so forth. So keep a look out for Wednesday's post, where we'll be making a "Top List of 2011", if you have any suggestions please email us at

     Be sure to make this day a relaxing one, one spent surrounded by those you love and those who love you, rest, sleep, and prepare yourself for Saturday's festivities for surely they will be big. If you happen to be planning the parties for this Saturday then we pray a special prayer for you, for that is never a fun job, nor is it an easy one, thus best of luck planning, preparing (emotionally and physically) for the times ahead. We hope you all have a fantastic week filled with laughter, joy, and plenty of rest.

    The 25th was also a very good day for sports fans with the start of the NBA season and some very good football games going on as well, in fact this whole weekend we had a lot of good games with great sports highlights. We also had the release of "War Horse" and "The Darkest Hour" which have gotten very good reviews so far, specially "War Horse", personally I have not seen it yet, but I'll make a mention when I do. During the Holidays most things are closed and there isn't a lot one can do, sports and theaters though are always available, the benefits to these two options is the level of silence and calmness that can come from them, as where other events might cause your family to have issues taking them to a movie will not, in the end you get 2 hours of peace, and that is always a great thing.

      So we hope you have a fantastic Monday, may it be a restful one, and may your New Year's preparations go smoothly.

Love from your humble blogger,   

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