Monday, January 30, 2012

The Importance Of Personal Growth: Mentoring

   You are not perfect, no one is, this is one of many facts of life that you must accept. Another fact to remember is that you will never be perfect, no matter how hard you try you will never be without fault, these are things one must know prior to facing the world head on, and by accepting this you will have taken step one to your journey of personal growth. Though being true that perfection is unattainable, it is not true that you cannot become a better person and grow to impact the world in a positive light, we should always be striving to become better men and women, striving to grow and mature, specially in your relationship with others and yourself, only through constant growth can one truly live a life worth re-living.

    Mentoring might sound strange, this is not a concept we are grown up with within our culture. We have grown up in a time where individualism is valued above all else, and your personal accomplishments done by your own strengths are recognized highly, though this is a truth and one we should value, there is another truth permeating this phenomenon and that is that the majority of people cannot succeed within an individualistic world, and even those that do, do not do so to the extent that they could for they were not sharpened by a mentor.

      This might shock you but all great athletes have a coach, and all of the genius scientists of our time and past have all had teachers that at some point were smarter than them, shocking I know. The point here is that these people found value within those that sought to teach them and learned as much as they could from that person before proceeding to the next level in their career, this is called wisdom, learning from others so that you might yourself grow. A person can only have one set of experiences, by learning from others you are combining different experience sets and thus molding, shaping, evolving your own person by the good you find in others.  

     No matter what field you are aiming towards, be it competitive dance, be it sports, be it engineering, or teaching know that there is always someone better than you, this will forever be the case. So find those people, find the people that are better than you in all the ways you are weak and learn from them, allow yourself to be mentored by them, and by doing so you will evolve. You must place yourself bellow that person and create a teachable spirit within yourself, placing your pride aside in order to soak up as much knowledge and experience from that person as possible. This is a crucial step in personal growth.

    Know this, if you do not seek out others in order to grow, then others will seek out those mentors and you will be left behind, no one can succeed alone, it doesn't matter what you were taught about individualism, no one can succeed alone. There is always room for growth, always room for improvement, thus if you seek to be the best, if you seek to live your dream, then find those mentors and learn as much as you can.

     There is another key element in mentoring which you must remember and that is character, not your character, but the character of your mentor. When seeking a mentor one must always find someone who is better than you in order for you to grow, this also applies to character, to wisdom, kindness, integrity, and honesty, if your mentor is lacking good character you will end up picking up some of those negative character traits yourself, this cannot be avoided, thus seek after mentors that have good character, and in doing so you will grow to be better than you are now.

     Personal growth for some reason is not something usually talked about, we talk about the shallow ways by which you may grow in beauty or power within the world, but we do not talk about character that much. In everything that you do character will be important, if you are a likeable person you will go further than an annoying person, if you are teachable then mentors will instruct you further than if you retain your pride, if you are kind to those around you, you will always have friends to count on, these are facts of life. Thus work not only on your personal craft but also on your own character.

     We hope you had a great weekend and we pray that this week will be one filled with joy,

Love from your humble blogger,


  1. Vertical growth is learning something new and the new knowledge then fashions a new reality. Our college years, with its academic challenges, is probably the time of the most accelerated personal growth. Similarly, starting a new business or raising a new family are all vertical growth experiences.

  2. We all need a mentor in our life, who is eligible to guide us and develop our personal views. In case of any hurdles in life, we are taking the help of mentors to get the right path. Therefore, we never deny the importance of mentors in our personal growth, mentors are really helpful in our success and personal growth.