Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Resolutions 2012

     "This year will be the year I do......" This is one of the most common phrases during the New Years and one that has begun to be misused, as if the meaning of the phrase had been forgotten and it's hope long since erased. The true meaning behind resolutions is a beautiful one, brought about by the feeling of joy and love that both are present within the New Year's celebration.

     There is something magical that occurs during the passing of the year, its a time where we all come together and celebrate a year well lived, the hardships that passed, the phenomenal times that were had, and look forward to an even better year to come. During this time of hope for the future we look upon the past year and find something we need to work on, something that will make this coming year even better, and that becomes our resolution.

     Resolutions have been abused in that some have begun to look at them as some sort of joke, when in fact there is something very serious about looking back on your mistakes and trying to do better in the next year. One should always learn from his/her mistakes and seek to do better, during the new years we come together and acknowledge that we all have that 'thing' that needs to be worked on and make a vow to one another that we will do our best to accomplish that task.

    The tough thing is the misconception that the troubles you previously faced in the year before, you won't face in the next year, true not everything will be the same but you will face many of the same troubles and problems and this time you will know what to do, you will be ready for them and not get phased by them as you previously had, this is growing up. At the same time, the good times you had will also be upon you again, and many new amazing memories will surface, we pray that you have more good times than bad this coming year.

    The previous paragraph is important because it is the source of most people breaking their resolutions, so here we are to urge you to hold strong, to take aim and hit the mark, to put on your proverbial armor and face life head on, defeating all troubles this year, while holding your resolutions intact, and prevailing on all your goals. The meaning behind resolutions is to look upon your life acknowledging that you are not perfect and trying to live a better life this next year, if you haven't come up with a resolution yet then do so, it is never too late to choose to change.

      May you have a gorgeous second day of the year, and welcome to 2012,

Love from your humble blogger,

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