Monday, January 16, 2012

Honoring A Man Of Peace

     We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr today by taking a day off work, school and other activities in order to not only celebrate the life of one of the most significant figures in the last century but to also meditate on the dream he had and to raise awareness to how we have progressed and how much more we have to go as well. Dr. King lived a life of sacrifice, sacrifice to the cause, sacrifice to a dream, a goal, that one day we could do away with racism and prejudice, that one day we might be able to come together and treat one another with respect and honor, that one day we might put our differences aside and love one another equally. Dr. King's life was a life well lived, one we should honor and respect, one we should remember and exalt, here was a man that was not scared to follow a dream and because of his passion he inspired a nation to dream with him.

   Dr. King was not the only one leading the movement but he was one of the big figures that aided us and inspired us to see what we had not previously seen, here was a man who woke up America to a better reality, to a new ideal, and thus Dr. King is a man that should be respected and remembered at all times within history. At the same time, we hope that you might remember all the other great leaders of his time and times after him and before him, for he did not accomplish anything alone, it took people rising up and heeding the call, thus as we honor Dr. King, let us also honor some of the other great leaders that were about this day, pushing the dream forward.

    We have come a long way in 44 years, the world has changed to the better, prejudice and racism have both decreased significantly, though the barbarism of racism is still alive today and should be acknowledged, we are still living in a day where racism is being defeated even to the point of our generation being disgusted by the sight of racism. This is a huge breakthrough, the fact that our generation in seeing racism within a TV show, or on the streets, on a movie screen, becomes instantly angry, gagging in disgust by the act of treating another human being as an inferior, this is a huge deal. This is what it means to evolve, for the next generation to look upon racism and instantly understand how horrible and wretched it is, that gives us hope that the future might hold a world where racism is non-existent and all men are created equal.  

     A new movie has recently come out which clearly demonstrates this point, the point that all who have seen this movie despise the wives within this flick, the movie is so powerful it brought many of us to tears, myself included, a movie that showed us what was the case, in order for us to better understand and appreciate what is today, The Help. This movie impacted us, it opened our eyes to how far we have come, it showed us how ingrained the evils of racism have become to us and it gave us a hope that the future might hold a world without racism and prejudice. This is a must see movie, though we warn you that it is a powerful movie, you must be rather dense if you are not moved even a little by this movie, what it shows us is what was happening on the other side while Dr. King was preaching, we become invested emotionally with those that are being impacted by King's words and get a better understanding of what it must have felt like, thus the source of the power of this movie, hope.

     We here at So Danca want to remind everyone that though Dr. King's ministry was successful and now we are living at an age that racism has begun to die out, that racism still exists, and that prejudice is something that has still plagued our nation, thus we wish to raise awareness to this evil in hopes that we can all come together to fight injustice, and bring about a better tomorrow for our children and grand-children. Let us come together and continue dreaming, a dream of equality, a dream where prejudice and racism are things of the past, things looked at in disgust, let us come together and bring about a better world, one we are proud of, one where we can hope freely, and dream intensely, while loving continually everyone as we love ourselves.

    We hope you have a great Dr. King day, and that you may come and dream with us for a better tomorrow, one we can be proud of, one where Dr. King's message has come true to its fullest meaning, let us dream together.

Love from your humble blogger,

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