Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Chronicle" The Least Talked About Movie You Need To Know About

      Chronicle is a cross between "Cloverfield", "The Blair Witch Project" and "Attack The Block", it follows three teens that find something buried within the woods and from it gain powers. From the preview we learn that their powers evolve as they use them, as if it were a muscle of sorts. We also learn that the movie has a very serious undertone, which we encounter in the end of the preview, this is the element that truly caught my eye, the element that separates this low budget film from all the other super hero movies that will be coming out this year.

   Chronicle is the first movie being directed by Josh Trank and there are no big names within the cast of this movie, this is a legit low budget movie that could go viral, its exciting and it is one you should know about. There hasn't been much advertising for this movie, be it because of the budget situation of the director or a marketing strategy gone bad, but there isn't a ton of buzz going around about this flick, which I find unfortunate. Big shout out to IGN for opening our eyes to this movie, they recently covered an article relaying all the good lower budget movies coming out this year that we need to look at, I recommend it, find the article HERE.

      The Internet is a wonderful thing, and if we come together to raise awareness we can give the little guys in this world a chance to succeed, thus push this story further, let people know about this movie, watch the preview and tell your friends, this movie is going to be great. By the preview we get a sense that this movie is going to blow everyone out of the water, but the crazy thing is that it comes out in a month, Feb 03rd, and a very small community is aware of it, thus the need for the Internet to do its thing and help a starting director out.

   Personally I have no idea who the guy is (Josh Trank, that is), never met him, the only reason I'm so pumped about this movie is because it looks like it'll be a really fun watching experience, and because it is the first original take on the super hero genre for a while. There have been other movies trying to be original with the superhero thing, I think "Paperman" is one of the best ones, but playing around the a super hero concept and actually seriously delivering a solid product are two separate things, "Chronicle" is promising just that, a new take on super hero movies delivered by a low budget team, something worth getting behind and pushing forward.

  With so many big budget productions coming out this year, there is an importance on paying attention to the little guy as well, you never know when the little guy will surprise you, thus its always good to keep a close watch on the low budget films coming out. What other low budget films made it big you ask? The list can be a long one but here are a few gems that came from people coming together and spreading the word about a film, "Clerks", "The Blair Witch Project", "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", "Rocky", "Napoleon Dynamite" , and so on, there are many reasons as to why we should always support upcoming directors, you never know when you'll have another Scorsese surface.   

    The bottom line, "Chronicle" comes out in a month, watch the preview, be wowed and pass the word forward, this movie deserves more buzz and we can give them that buzz, always a worthy goal to push neglected art forward, one we should always strive to do. Give the little guy a fighting chance, and support what looks to be a great project.

     Hope the first week of the year has been kind to you so far,

Love from your humble blogger,

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