Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DC Tap Festival

      DC Tap Fest has just ended and what a performance is was! The amount of raw talent in the room was palpable, truly a fantastic event that all Tap dancers love and support. We recommend you keep an eye out on their site for future events, they are definitely worth checking out.
     So Danca was proud to be able to help in the event (even in a small way), by donating one of our Pro Tap shoes for their "give away" raffle.
      The lucky winner is from Louisburg, NC, Jessica you'll be getting your shoes soon, we'll be sending them out today! We hope you continue to dance and thank you for showing some support at the DC Tap Fest.
       We at So Danca are always looking for ways to help the dance community, let us know if you're doing an event or a competition and would like for us to be involved in some way. Leave a comment, or find us on facebook and drop me a message.

        Hope you have a great middle of the week, Happy Wednesday to all! ^_^

                  Love from your humble blogger,

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