Thursday, April 21, 2011

"So Danca Reviews: Foo Fighters, Scream 4, The Name of the Wind, Portal 2"

New Music Review:  "Foo Fighters - Wasting light"


         Foo Fighters' new release has delivered in every way possible to their whole fan base. The old hardcore fans love that they went back to their older roots, and the newest fans enjoy the fact that they managed to produced something different then what is out there right now.
          I've been listening to the cd all week and already know almost all the songs by heart, it's that kind of cd, it's the type that every time your relisten to a song you get something else out of it and love it more and more. It's incredible how they manage to place not one hit song but five to six hit songs within the cd.
          My top five favorite songs are: "Better Off", "Walk", "These Days", "I Should Have Known", and "Rope". Walk has me screaming at the top of my lungs, while These days has me contemplating life, and Better Off makes me raise my car system to the max. It's an ever changing amazing experience. I give it a 5/5. Loved it from beginning to end.
           For Foo Fighters news and info go to:

New Movie Review:  "Scream 4"

           While sequels are dominating the market, one sequel stands atop the others pointing a finger and making fun of all the other, with much needed slasher film goodness. The newest addition the Scream series does not disappoint. It is tightly packed with fun story lines, clever witty twists and good horror movie drama.
            Though the movie in itself was not much of a scary movie, it did have those "hang of your seat" moments we all love. It's got a full dose funny and the directors have filmed the movie in such a way that finding out who the murderer is this time was nearly impossible, though cleverly done. With a good mix of technology references, and poking fun at our current horror culture, I give "Scream 4" 4.2/5 in the genre of "horror" movies, which recently has not been able to deliver a decent movie in a long time. For a second look here is a fan review:
            "I tried to so hard to figure out who the killer was but i failed to do so. Wes Craven did a phenomenal job at fooling the entire audience. Courtney Cox (Gayle Weathers) played her role perfectly, once again she made everyone laugh with her witty remarks and comic facial expressions. Another actress who was entertaining to watch was Hayden Panetierre. She was absolutely hysterical, every scene she was in made me laugh. Another big factor which added to Scream 4 was having the original cast in the movie. It made it so much better and they were the main reason as to why I (along with many many others) wanted to go see it in the first place. I was very happy with the way the movie ended, it was definitely a surprise." - Lucy (22 years old)
          One of my favorite sites recently did a review on it, worth a read, check out the video review as well, worth it.
       Let's just hope the coming sequels retain this level of commitment to good quality.

Book Review: "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss

           I truly do not know how a book this good passed me by unnoticed for a year. The sequel to "Name of the Wind", "A Wise Man's Fear", has been getting a lot of press coverage for it's brilliance and splendor lately. Thus I decided to give the first book a read to see if it was truly as good as everyone was saying. Honestly "The Name Of The Wind" is not only as good as everyone was saying, it is better. I know I'm about to commit a carnal sin here, but I personally loved reading this book so much that I have to admit to placing it within my top five best books I've ever read, next to "LOTR", "Ender's Game", "The Brother's Karamazov", "Picture of Dorian Gray" and "American Gods". Yes, it is that good.
          Never have I gone to buy a book and cared about picking one up that had no bent pages, but that was my reaction when picking up the sequel "A Wise Man's Fear". As a clutched that book to my chest I felt giddy like a school girl and could not wait to go home and get lost within it's pages. Truly I say to you, I would be lying if I told you that I've had more then 3 hours of sleep each day this week due to this book, I am not done yet, but I have loved every page I've read so far.
            Patrick Rothfuss is brilliant. His story is not only a great work of fantasy, it is a college book, it is a poetry book, it is a song, it is an inspirational novel, it is a romance novel, it is a true mix of all genres and more within an intrinsic brilliant manner that leaves you thirsting for more.
           It is a rare feat for a book to capture my attention so entirely, thus I felt that it deserved a feature within this blog. I love to spread joy and sharing a good read is one of my favorite joys to share. Give this book a read, I promise you you'll love it. I give this book a 5/5, I would go higher but cannot, in my mind's eye it is a 10/5, so be sure to give it the attention it deserves, trust, it's fantastic.
           Learn more about Patrick Rothfuss and his masterpieces at:

New Game Review: "Portal 2"

          Oh video games, how I love them and wish I had more time to play them. Portal 2 has just come out yesterday and already has risen among the ranks and gotten tons of good rating in every site and magazine it's been reviewed in and for good reason to, this game is brilliant.
          Portal 2 is a puzzle-adventure-platform game released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game is as fun as we wished it to be and as quirky if not more so then the original. I have not beat it yet thus I will not be writing a full review on it, but it is definitely a good game worth looking into. It has been fun so far, and I've enjoyed the new additions to the game. The graphics aren't brilliant, but it's not that type of game where graphics are the main concern, the fun factor is the "hook" to this particular title.
          For a full review complete with video follow this link, again it's one of my favorite sites and I trust their word above all others.


        Dancer's are people to. That's the idea behind this new monthly series. I think people within the dance world forget sometimes that dancers like to read and watch movies and play games, just like everyone else does. Thus every month I'll pick various things that stood out to me that are worth looking into and write a review on them for you. Why? Because we care. Because we are a community, and a real community shares the things we love.
        The question of the week is:
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              Hope you all have a great Easter, make sure to eat a ton and enjoy time with family,

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  1. I liked the new Lady Gaga cd, you should do a cover on that, and I'll take a look at the book you mentioned. Not bad review over all, I was entertained

  2. I think you should do more game reviews....Mortal Kombat, just sayin', or Call of Duty, or Halo Reach, all good games

  3. When Fast Five comes out you should a peiece on it, looks like it' s ogin to be fabulous!

  4. Foo Fighters' new cd rocks! Loved it!!!!!!1111!!!!

  5. Joe: I will have to listen to that whole cd then, I only heard the new song, it's rather catchy. Maybe you'll be seeing something soon.

    ano: I will keep that in mind, wasn't thinking about shooters, but I wont make that mistake again

    amanda: As you wish :) I just hope it turns out to be good

  6. John: I agree fully, no lie, it's fantastic