Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Sites You Cannot Live Without

If any of you read the huffington post you might have seen an article they did I really liked titled "7 sites you should be wasting your time on right now" *link* , after reading it I could not help myself and decided to make my own list. But in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, I decided to tell you where I got this idea from, plus the huffington post is one of the sites I go to a lot, so that's one site to check out :)
I'm a tad more sporadic then they are though, so for the first post on this subject I'll keep the internet domain big and mention various different sites worth checking out (one in each category), or at least a solid amount, so without further ado, here we go.

             There are a ton of vlogs on youtube and a ton of makeshift shows within the site, but Phillip D Franco is different. Where everyone else fails, he succeeds. I've been following his show for about three years now, love his stuff. It's not for those easily offended though, you've been warned. Phil is known for covering what has been going on in the world, placing sarcastic comments all around, (which are great), and also mentioning fun news, and other good stuff.
If you speak sarcasm, and enjoy a good laugh, I recommend you check it out. It's good light hearted fun.

Main site

Youtube channel

Humor Site:

          Oh how I love collegehumor, truly a fantastic team. The section on videos title "college humor originals" is specifically amazing, check out their music section, there's this one video spoof they did of "West Side Story" title "Web Site Story" which is brilliant, truly brilliant. They have various on-going shows like "Jake and Amir" which again I love. If you need a break from a long day and want to watch some good quality funny videos that are witty and awesome, then this is the site for you. This is online theater basically, this may possibly be a hint into what we will be seeing in the future of comedy bits.

Main website

Web Comics:

    I'm a nerd. Let me start by saying that. A good online comic sometimes really comes in nicely during the day to cheer your heart up and give you a good laugh. My favorite one of all is XKCD, truly a fantastic comic site. Whoever writes that series deserves a medal, the guy is brilliant, truly fascinating. I recommend you browze it, I have the iphone app, yeah, it's worth taking a look.

Main site

Random goodness:

     I came across this site about 6 years ago, by a friend of mine that became obsessed with it. A softer world has become a huge source of witty photo comedy for years within the internet. If you enjoy photography and appreciate good writing,  then you will enjoy this site. I wish I knew what else to say about it, but I am no art major, I am just a mere mortal who loves art and truly has come to appreciate this site over the years.

Main Site


    I hope you all enjoyed this entry. Here is the question of the week?

            What are your favorite sites from these categories?

Let me know what you thought of the sites, leave a comment bellow, and also let me know if there is a site I should cover that you like. And don't forget to read the huffington post article, worth a read, their selections were pretty witty.

         Love from your humble blogger,


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