Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Evening with Anne Polajenko: "What's in a name?"

            Pointe shoes are traditionally named after a ballet, a famous dancer of the past or sometimes manufacturers will use a ballet term, such as "relevé" or "équilibre" to describe their shoe.
Recently, So'Dança named some of their  Pointe shoes in honor of current teachers and ballerinas. Such is the case with Toshie ( the new SD40 with a no pleat platform). So who is Toshie?
            Toshie Kobayashi is a Brazilian teacher of Japanese descent. She is one of the most recognized and popular teachers and coaches in her country. Toshie teaches at her own school and at the Municipal school in Sao Paulo. A great deal of her time is spent traveling to companies and dance festivals across the country. She is also a member of the Royal Academy of Dance in London, England.
              Toshie is a great favorite among dancers because of the enthusiasm she brings to her craft as well as the loving and supportive attitude she has toward all who work with her.
       ----------  Anne Polajenko


          Hello Dance World, hope you guys are having a good beginning of the week. So some things to catch up on. Thank you for all the feedback on the latest segment "So Danca Reviews", glad a lot of you liked it, and we'll keep making those as time progresses. Also our Blog Quiz results are in and the sequels you guys are looking forward to the most were:
                   1. The last "Harry Potter" movie (I'm also looking forward to this one)
                   2. The Hangover Part2 (this one I'm skeptical about, can't help but be)
                   3. A tie between "Fast Five" and "Xmen: Origins" (both of which I also am looking forward to)

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