Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Evening With Anne Polajenko: "Crazy Pointe Shoe Stories"

Crazy things people do with their Pointe shoes: True stories   

A dancer once decided to dry her sweaty shoes faster by putting them in a low temperature oven. Problem was she forgot them and went shopping. Upon her return she found the fire department at her door. Neighbors had noticed smoke coming from the apartment and called 911.

Another fire story has it that a young student tried to copy a professional dancer who regularly stopped the fraying of the ribbon ends by burning them with a flame. Borrowing a lighter, the student held the end of the ribbon and lit the lighter only to burn both the ribbon and her fingertips.

Another dancer had serious bunion problems. No shoe worked. The pain was so bad she was at her wits end until she had the idea to cut a large hole in her  shoe above the bunion. Instant relief. However, she now had the strangest looking foot ever!

Some dancers think they can break in new shoes by putting the Box of the shoe in a door jamb and then crushing it by closing the door. This usually works.... too well. The Box is indeed crushed, not to mention what might happen to the door!

A teacher once recommended a student put some water on her very hard Pointe shoes to soften them. A week later the shoes had not dried and the teacher was perplexed. It turned out the child had turned on the faucet and placed the shoes underneath a stream of water, drenching them thoroughly. Needless to say, the shoes were ruined.

                                 ----- Anne Polajenko


     For my readers that celebrate passover, I hope you have  a good time with your families, and may it be a blessed evening.

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