Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From Toddlers to Young Adults: 5 Fun Shows

     Some have come to us recently and made the critique that we never review or talk about shows that are designed for a younger audience and that we should make a post reviewing some so that our younger readers might get some content as well. Therefore the challenge was set and this post had to be made, this post is built a little differently in that the age groups per show will vary, for the most part the shows are directed towards teens, early and late, but there is one show I couldn't help but talk about first, it's a show geared from toddlers all the way to 4-5 year old if not even older, thus let us begin.

   Yo Gabba Gabba

   There are many ways to describe this show, weird, confusing, bizarre or as it is most commonly known, crack for babies. For some reason babies love this show, but not only babies but children of a variation of ages loves this show, DJ Lance Rock the host of this show has actually been invited to concerts put on by older audiences, so even some adults love the show, it makes no sense....or at least it did until I watched the show and loved it as well. I was visiting some friends recently and they have a two year old who is obsessed with this show, they informed me that she has loved the show since she was younger, so this wasn't a fad but a legit love, which is different with kids, specially now-a-days where people grow bored of things so easily. Anyway, give "Yo Gabba Gabba" a chance and you'll come to love it, it'll be strange, but seeing your kid happy will affect you into liking the show as well, maybe that's the X factor.

     Level Up

    This is the next step up on our show evolution. "Level Up" is this generation's "Power Rangers", just by looking at the synopsis of the shows placed side by side you'll notice the similarities. The show is obviously for this generation in that it's referring to "gamers" and the "internet", hitting on two of the strongest interests of everyone who is getting older in today's generation. The show is silly and cheesy, it doesn't have anything too violent and no cursing is involved in the production of this picture, so it is a good old live-action TV show about High School students saving the world from monsters, "Power Rangers" much?

     The Neighbors (ABC)

   This show has not come out yet, so this might be weird in that you're thinking we should be reviewing shows that are already out, well I cheat, this is a preview of a decent looking show that will be coming out on ABC this fall. The show follows a family who is basically your normal human family but who have neighbors who are aliens. Yes, this is the plot of many children's alien movies and thus this show fit this list for best upcoming show geared towards a younger audience. The true reason behind talking about this show is this show's director Chris Koch (Modern Family, Scrubs, My Name is Earl) and the writer Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love, Tangled, Cars 2), both of which are brilliant and have not disappointed before, so keep a close eye on this show, it looks like it's going to be a good one.

     Regular Show

    When you reach your early teens you are introduced to the glorious world of Cartoon Network, from the older shows they have to the newer ones, Cartoon Network will become a go to channel for sure. Besides the infatuation you'll begin to have with "Adult Swim" which will consume part of your life even in your college undergrad years, there are shows within Cartoon Network that are obviously not your normal "teen shows", "Regular Show" is one of these shows. There really isn't any description I could give to summarize this show, it's a tale of two best friends getting in trouble in the world, that's the best anyone can do really. The downside to this show is that most episodes are hit or miss, so be ready for that, the ducklings episode is the best one in my humble opinion, but anyway, check it out.

   Adventure Time

    It boggles my mind how some people think this show is a kids show, this is by far one of the most bizarre yet entertaining shows on TV, but it does host a plethora of adult material throughout the show, it's well hidden mind you but if you are familiar with the references then it all comes together and this show takes on a new light. The best description for this show is that this is the "Yo Gabba Gabba" for young adults, it's the weird show that everyone loves without really knowing why they love it but still loving every second of it. This is most definitely a hate it or love it show though, there is no middle ground, I'm sure that there is an exception out there but I've never heard someone say "oh I kind of like that show", its always been either love or hate directed at the show, anyway, you should give it a shot and decide for yourselves.

   And there you have it, 4 awesome shows you can watch and 1 you can look forward to. On Friday I'll be reviewing "People Like Us", but check back with us on Sunday where you'll find the review of "Ted" and "Magic Mike", it's only fair to do them both at once.

 Love from your humble blogger,

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