Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Engagement Season Advice And Insight

     There is something about May that causes many couples out there to take the next step in their relationship into marriage, making May one of the most engagement filled months in the year. This is a great thing for businesses who deal with weddings, be it flower arrangements, to everything else that goes into making a wedding the most beautiful event in a couple's life. Though marriage can be a beautiful thing there are a few things that get forgotten regarding the process of planning a wedding that can either be harmful for the relationship or the people who are friends with the engaged couple. These are a few pointers that could really aid some of you as you go through this phase in your life and for the friends of the engaged couple in being able to navigate through this season safely.

    Girls Be Considerate

   Some guys out there dream about their wedding day since they were young and are great at dealing with wedding stuff, but the rest of the guys out there have really never thought much about the wedding and don't care about all the details that go into making a wedding happen. Though your fiance loves you he does not love looking through wedding magazines or making a scrap book, this is not a reflection on his love for you, this is just a fact of life, not everyone likes the same things. By this point in your relationship you should be aware of what his strengths and weaknesses are so look for tasks that fit his strengths well, in this way he won't get frustrated and you won't have to deal with bad attitudes being around you.

     Guys Be Considerate

    In the same way guys understand that most girls (not all but a good majority) have thought about this day since they were young and now that this day has come want everything to go perfectly and a slew of emotions hit them all at once. Your job in this is to make sure that she doesn't burn out, help her in any way you can with the best attitude you can muster. If you really are terrible in dealing with wedding stuff then allow her to figure all that out, in the end of the matter it is better to put your partner first than to be selfish about something you really don't care as much about. Now is the time were you being dependable is put to the test, if you love this girl then give it your all and do all you can do to make this as magical as you can for her.

      Time Management

    We always come back to this, time management is the key to completing anything in life well while keeping yourself in good physical and emotional health. Many couples seek to decide everything about their weddings in the first few weeks after the engagement, this is never a good thing, you should space out decision making and planning, making sure that everything is taken care of a few weeks before the event and not the night before. Accidents happen and they will happen, some things might fall apart, some problems might arise therefore planning ahead and having a chunk of time to work with versus a few days can save you from much stress.

       Remember Your Family

    When planning your wedding know this simple truth, everyone has an opinion and your family will be the most vocal of all. The key here is to listen to your family and not ignore them or fight them, just listen and given them the time of day, even if you are not going to do what they are saying you should do, just listen and nod and leave it at that for now. The best way to go about doing it is to implant the idea you are thinking about in a conversation like "what do you think of this?" causing them to think about it and have time to process your idea. Give it a week or so and when you talk to them again they might be more inclined to agree with you, remember that you have time to decide everything and that your family is as anxious as you are, so be mindful of that and remember that sometimes silence is best.

       Friends Be Ware

    Unfortunately weddings happen to be a time where many friendships end as well, this is due mostly to stress and poor behavior from friends or from the couple getting married, but most of the time it is due to friends not understanding how sensitive the couple is during this time. As the couple goes through the process of planning a wedding there will be many factors standing in their way, things they have to deal with and problems that need solving, don't be that problem. Remember that the bride is anxious but that the groom is also anxious and quick to come to the defense of his bride, thus exercising caution in comments or actions is a wise decision. Something that was funny a week ago is no longer funny right now, so calm down and exercise some wisdom by not stepping on anyone's toes.

     The bottom line here is that weddings are a beautiful thing, full of love and laughter and unity and family, it's the celebration of two people coming together and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. There are few events that carry as much joy as weddings do, but at the same time there is a lot of anxiousness to be found surrounding it, so be wise when dealing with each other, your friends and family and make this time one of bonding with everyone, especially your fiance. There are a lot of things that will stress you out during this period in your life but don't forget to love.

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