Friday, May 25, 2012

MIB 3 Does Not Disappoint: This Weekend's Must See Movie

     Though I am generally against it, I decided to read some reviews prior to watching MIB 3, all of which spoke negatively about the movie. The critiques were hitting every point of elegance the movie had to offer, from acting, to humor, to action sequences and after reading said reviews I was expecting this movie to be wretched, I'm glad they were wrong. For those that thought that there weren't many parts in the movie that were funny I have no idea where your sense of humor was the day you watched this for it was funny, and cute, it was everything one could want from a MIB movie, this was everything we wanted from the second movie but never got. MIB 3 did not disappoint, it was fun and engaging, leaving us with a thirst for more.

    Josh Brolin was brilliant in this movie as the young agent K, he breathed life into the character of K while at the same time keeping all the facial features and sound bites that the older K has gotten us used to. It is a tough performance to pull off, to pull off a young and spirited K while not making him cheesy and making it realistic, well as realistic as you can when it comes to a movie like this. I was surprised at how much I started to like the old K based on his younger self, after meeting the younger self you'll even start to like K from the first two movies, looking at him from a different light. So Josh did very well, more than expected and brought life into K's character, a job well done.

    Tommy Lee Jones performed brilliantly as always, you can't expect anything else from the guy, he's a brilliant actor with 65+ titles under his belt, this was a great addition to an already impressive career. The toughest thing here was the transformation in the beginning of the movie from a hard headed, "I'm cold K" to a "things just got real K". There is a point in the beginning of the movie where you realize that K is not a bad guy, nor is he an angry guy, he's just a tired guy with a ton of secrets that would make anyone be less talkative and more to themselves. This portrayal is not an easy one to convey, so in keeping in mind that he had a small amount of screen time and conveyed this, one can make the assertion that Jones performed brilliantly.

     Will Smith was awesome. There are so many ways one can complement Will Smith's performance in this movie, he was funny, engaging, he was young and cool, he was the Will we fell in love with in "MIB" and "Independence Day". (A side question does arise, how does Will Smith not age?) There is a good maturing to Will's character J in this movie as well, we go from standard good old J to "gotta make stuff happen J" and end with a more mature, more well rounded J, so we follow Will's character through a very real evolution that ties us even more to the character. Will Smith was everything we wanted him to be and more, bringing this movie to life in ways that only his swagger allows.

  This movie also had a stellar villain, Jemaine Clement from the great comedy band "The Flight of the Conchords" played our illustrious villain, doing a fantastic job in the process. Out of all the villains in the MIB series Boris the animal might be one of my favorites, though the MIB 2 villain might have been hot she was not an intimidating villain, Boris in the other hand steals the show a bit just by being a straight up horrible being. Jemaine outdid himself here by keeping Boris funny while not lovable, thus retaining the very real evil element that his character needs to have. It was a great performance, one meriting acknowledgement.  

    Keep in mind that this movie should not be reviewed in the same way one would review "The Artist" or "Braveheart", this is an action comedy about a fictional alien crime fighting secret organization, meaning that for what it does and attempts to do it does well, so well that I would rated it a 4/5 without a second thought. This was a fun summer movie, this is everything one could want from a MIB movie. MIB movies are not meant to be super serious or super comical, they have their own way about them, their own swagger, if you will. MIB 3 is a great movie to go watch this weekend, you will be entertained for sure, so grab some friends or family, buy some popcorn and have a good time.

   We hope you have had a fantastic week and pray that you might have a safe weekend,

Love from your humble blogger,

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