Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TLC Revisited: Beyond The Absurd

  To get everyone caught up on what's going on, a few weeks back my best friend's girlfriend attempted to teach me about some of the more absurd reality TV shows around, giving birth to the article "My Big Fat Absurd Reality TV Show Weekend". After reading the article Anna has come to me and stated that TLC needed a redemption and so we embarked on another reality TV show adventure, but this time things took a surprising turn, these shows were great and thus TLC was saved in my book as a good channel. Before we start we must explain the "absurd scale", a show like "The Voice" is a 1 meaning it's not that absurd, but a show like "Long Island Medium" would rate a 10 because the absurdity level is to the roof, ok, now we can begin.

  What Not To Wear (Absurdity Level: 3-5)

    This was a great starting point, I was worried when Anna explained the premise of this show but as we watched a few episodes I became hooked. The hosts are fantastic and they are actually doing some good for society while benefiting humanity as well, it's about time we get a show where this epidemic is taken care of. Not like I'm a fashion Nazi but knowing how to dress is an important aspect in life, so I enjoyed the education provided by this show and the entertainment value given by the people chosen to be in the show and the hosts. Here is a show where watching it again would be no problem, wouldn't buy the seasons or anything, but if it were to pop up as TV surfing was taking place I would watch it for sure.

   Cake Boss (Absurdity Level 2)

    Anna decided that if we were going to save TLC that we need to watch the best shows in order of greatness, personally I place this show on the top of the list but we are going with her top four here thus why this won't be the top. Anyway, props to TLC for this show, it is truly a work of art. From beginning to end I was entertained, the people in the show were relatable and good people overall, in the episodes we watched there was very minor levels of absurdity so I can't make a claim for the whole season but Anna assures me that they all follow this pattern. Here is a show I recommend to anyone, it is fun, creative and inspiring for it shows you someone who actually pursued their dreams and succeeded. More shows like this one should be on television, which brings us to both my and Anna's choice for second best show in TLC.

    DC Cupcakes (Absurdity Level 2) 

   This show stole my heart, as the show began I already knew that Anna was right, this show is a sure fire win. The only problem with this show is that after I saw a few episodes all I wanted to do was eat some cupcakes, which can be a good idea depending on how many you eat and how many episodes of this show you watch. I can see how some people would gain weight from watching this show, people dieting I would recommend you steer clear, unless you got super awesome self control, then feel free. This show follows two sisters who ditch their corporate jobs and follow their dreams to give us the best cupcakes in the world, and it looks like they are doing very well at fulfilling their dream. The sisters are good people, good strong female roles which is awesome to find, truly awesome, I loved it from beginning to end, if you are looking for a new show I recommend this one for sure. Just sad I came in so late in the season.

     Say Yes To The Dress (Absurdity Level 3-5)

    Obviously this show is on the bottom of my list but at the top of Anna's list, but even though it is at the bottom of my list I still have to admit that this show is rather fun. After you watch the more absurd shows on TLC a show like this one becomes a pleasant relief. Though wedding dresses don't matter to me as much as they do for Anna, the overall energy was the same, it was about making people happy and having special moments occur, it was about putting people in a situation where they are in their emotional peak and see them be who they are when all walls are torn down, it can be a beautiful thing to witness. Maybe it is due to the fact that I personally have two sisters and can imagine their joy after finding their wedding dresses that makes me like this show but in the end of the day this show is enjoyable and worth taking a look at.

    And thus TLC has been redeemed thanks to the wise choices of my friend Anna, whose guiding hand is still at work when it comes to my journey through this crazy reality TV filled world. Pray for my sanity as I venture into this abyss. We hope your week has been going well and pray that it is a safe one.

Love from your humble blogger,

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