Friday, May 4, 2012

"The Avengers" Review: The Best Superhero Movie Ever Made

  How can we put this..."The Avengers" was the best superhero based movie ever to be made, and that's an understatement. From beginning to end the movie had our attention, if there were any doubts on casting prior to the release of this movie then all those doubts are gone now. The theater was laughing and cheering their favorite hero the whole movie, it was a great experience. To put it simply, Marvel has outdone themselves, we were looking forward to this movie but never did we assume that this movie would be this good, this was one of those "I could sit here and re-watch the whole thing" movies, if you don't have plans to go watch it then do yourself a kindness, change your mind and allow yourself to be blown away by this awesome movie.

    When talking about this movie we cannot begin anywhere but with Joss Whedon. This was your classic Joss Whedon work, it was funny, it was serious, it was entertaining from beginning to end and it was just plain awesome. Joss doesn't disappoint, he directed and co-wrote this movie, if you are familiar with his work then you know what we're talking about, Joss Whedon has been writing/directed works like "The Cabin In The Woods", "Firefly", "Buffy", "Toy Story", and a ton more, if you have never seen "Firefly" then do so. Most of the humor within "The Avengers" was thanks to him, and it was awesome humor, it was a perfect balance of everyone's ego while keeping us all entertained the whole time. We cannot wait for the DVD to come out so that we may watch the extra scenes, there are a lot of rumors circulating about the scenes that were taken out that Joss wanted to put in there, just another thing to look forward to.

     Looking back upon this flick the character that deserves to be talked about first is the incredible Hulk for he was the least looked forward to character and the choosing of Ruffalo as the Hulk made many worried that the Hulk wasn't going to be played right, let us put those fears at rest in saying that Ruffalo did a fantastic job. The Hulk in this movie was awesome, his every appearance was awesome, we had people cheering for him every time he appeared on screen. The humor Joss was able to weave into the Hulk was brilliant and created some of the funniest most awesome moments in the movie. Mark Ruffalo deserves to be commended though, he played Bruce Banner exactly like Bruce should be played, it was an exceptional performance. With the exception of the latest Hulk movie with Edward Norton, we had not had this good of a performance ever, and even though we love Norton we cannot help but want more Ruffalo on the screen from now on.

      One of the biggest worries when releasing a big budget production like this one with many strong actors within it is that the actors will clash with one another trying to outdo one another, but this was not the case here. The movie flowed like it should have flowed and the actors behaved like a team, you could tell that they were all in this together from beginning to end. They all had a strong presence and all of them had funny little jokes here and there, picking a favorite among them is a difficult task, this is the reaction one should have when watching this kind of movie, if it is done well that is, and oh this movie was awesome. One would imagine that their personalities would have clashed and their stage presence would have made this movie unwatchable but trust when we say that it was everything we ever dreamed of and more.

     Everyone that has ever read a comic book or watched a superhero movie has dreamed of this moment, as IGN's review puts it "this is the movie that played out in our minds as we read the comics", except it was written by Joss Whedon so it blew everything we could possibly imagine out of the water. Let's not forget the side characters as well, Nick Fury was played perfectly by Samuel which was expected but a surprise came with Cobie Smulder's performance (Robin from "How I Met Your Mother") as she played Agent Maria Hill, she did a fantastic job and made us want to see her in more movies, her career is one worth following for sure. When gives a movie a 93% you know the movie is going to be amazing, we fall right in line with everyone else in saying that this movie was a definite 4.5/5, we would give it a perfect score but that would mean that nothing more can be done to make the next one more awesome and that's simply not true, think Spider-Man and Wolverine making an appearance, that would be awesome.

      So there you have it, this is how you should spend your money this weekend, be it today or tomorrow, just do yourself a kindness and go watch this movie, it's sure to not disappoint. Make sure to stay for both secret endings not just the first one, you won't regret it.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and I plan to watch it again as soon as I am able to. This movie spent years in the making and was well worth the long wait. The Avengers is one of the best comic book movies I have seen and I am confident to say that it matches just about any other comic book adaptation. Yes, I mean even The Dark Knight. It's just a whole lot of fun and you can't go wrong with that. Good review Mario.

    1. Completely agreed and thank you, it isn't easy writing a review about this fun of a movie without having spoilers in it, now excuse me as I go re-watch it a few times