Monday, May 21, 2012

A Cocktail Of Decent Reality TV Shows

    There are a ton of reality TV shows out there, all coming from different perspectives in life and all in a range from least absurd to more absurd, we'll call this the "absurd scale", 10 being "Long Island Medium" and 1 being good competition shows like "The Voice" or "Chopped". After writing our last article on reality TV we kept getting questions afterwards about what shows we think are good and such, so we decided that we would share a variation of different shows we either find funny or consider to be decent shows out there. The best scoring in the "absurd scale" are the competition based reality shows but we decided to save those for another day, today we'll be highlighting a variety of different shows that rate along the 3-6 range in the "absurd scale", a cocktail of shows, if you will.

 The Thirsty Traveler

    This is a rare show, a show focused on educating people about the different alcoholic beverages from around the world, where he not only teaches you the history of the drink but also how to properly appreciate and respect alcohol. In a culture where alcohol is always being looked at as a means to get drunk, further expanding the amount of people that don't either know how to respect the drink or appreciate the drink, it is comforting to see a show like this sprout up, not only furthering people's education of culture around the world but also attempting to educate people on how to respect and appreciate alcoholic beverages. Depending on the episode the level of absurdity can vary in this show but overall this shows earns a prestigious 3.8/10 on the absurd scale.

   An Idiot Abroad 

    We feel like it is necessary that we mention this show, this is a great show attempting to highlight cultural differences and how perspective can make something that for one person would be beautiful be something along the insane lines for another person. It's a fun show, about a man and his best friend traveling the world, meeting people and getting a different social commentary then you would from other shows where you don't have your average 9-5 job guy. Where as other shows only have the "experts" making their own observations while making everything sound good, this show has Karl, a good simple man who gives the rest of us a voice. "Idiot Abroad" is not a show for everyone but it is a really fun show, it ranks along the 4.5/10 in the "absurd scale", give it a watch if you get a chance sometime.

    River Monsters

    There is something awesome about this show, something that puts the fear of God into us as we approach rivers while at the same time loving the episodes and wanting to watch more and more. The show is interesting and fun but the answer here is simple, Jeremy Wade, that's the reason this show is so awesome. Jeremy is a boss, he conquers nature and speaks a variation of different languages, he is an expert in his field and a brilliant host, he brings the swagger to this show. The show follows Jeremy as he travels to different countries fishing out different types on "river monsters" that either plague the land or have killed many within the land. This show rates down in the 3/10 on the "absurd scale" and is one we recommend you check out.

    Giuliana And Bill

     Here is the true cocktail factor of this article, every good cocktail needs that something sweet that makes it be as good it can be and there is not other show that can do this a perfectly as "Giuliana and Bill". Where as we are constantly surrounded by shows with dysfunctional families and marriages, here is a show that stands out among the rest as the one show with a decent relationship. They aren't perfect but this is a good show about good people trying to have a good relationship, it's about time someone makes a show like this and makes it a good one. We have a lot of fun watching this show and consider it to be the best of all the relationship based reality TV shows, it rates at the 4.2/10 mark in the "absurd scale", give this show a watch sometime.

   And there you have it, a hodge-podge of decent reality TV shows that you should watch sometime whenever you get a chance. Stay tuned for Wednesday's article, we got a chance to meet some of the local music talent in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so on Wednesday we'll be hosting a variation of local bands who are either just starting or already have a decent following. We hope you have a great week and pray that it is a safe one. 

  Love from your humble blogger,

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