Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Escape From Stress And Finals

     Finals week can be rough and we understand that you're having to read a ton of books and notes in order to prepare for either final exams or term papers, so we decided to make this post one where you won't have a lot of text to read, a post where you'll find a nice calming escape from the hardships you are facing this week. We got a really good response from the Monday post and so when we were thinking about what to write here one of the girls on our team brought up a fantastic point, that the best escape from life's many stresses is music, thus we decided to make a strict music only post. We'll be featuring a lot of up and coming artists and some that are a little more popular. Listening to good music is always relaxing and meeting new artists is always a fun thing, so here you go, a healthy calming escape from your stressful week.

     Andrew Hoover

   Jenny & Tyler

Jamestown Revival

Allen Stone

Micah Dalton


Luke Wade


    We hope this proves to be a relaxing escape from a stressful week.

Love from your humble blogger,

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