Monday, May 28, 2012

Airport Security Etiquette: Must Knows

      With May coming to a close we are officially approaching travel season, now high/middle schools and colleges have officially ended and the summer may begin a full. With summer comes traveling, that's just how it is, but with traveling comes airports and with airports comes trouble to those that either have never flown or have not flown for a while. There is an etiquette expected within airports and airplanes, an etiquette learned sometimes through making mistakes but often through the wise education of a senior traveler. These are rather simple things to know that will aid you in being able to have the best time possible when traveling, here are some simple tips to get you through security quickly and effectively, these are important for your own sanity and for the sanity of those waiting for you in line.

     Don't Bundle

      An easy mistake to make is to put on layers of clothing, specifically jackets, before a flight. Sometimes in colder places this is seen a lot, and this can be an issue, causing time consumption while you are in line. The issue here is that jackets must be taken off while going through security, so if you have multiple jackets on you'll have to take them all off. This might not seem like it would take a while, but it does, specially when taking into account the size of each jacket, and the fact that you'll probably need 3-4 trays to get them through security (depending on amount and size of jackets). So before going through security open your bag and place all your jackets within your bag, that way you get them across and you don't hold up the line in the process. You might think this is silly but I've been in a line once that got held up like 10 minutes because of a bundler, don't be that guy.

     Wise Footwear

   In almost every airport you'll have to remove your shoes before going through security, thus the importance of being wise in your footwear selection for that day. Sandals are perfect, though any slip on shoe will work in your favor, too many laces will always be an annoyance. Though this is an extreme case, I feel the point is made, once I was in an airport during the last years of the goth scene and this girl decided that it was going to be a great idea to wear her lace up boots to her flight, which meant that she took 10 something minutes to take them off and another 10 on the other side to put them back on, it was silly. Now you might laugh this off thinking it could never happen to you but I've seen 5 minute delays because of fancy lacy stilettos before, so please take this advice to heart and be wise in your footwear selection. 

       Your Bag is Your Friend

    People forget that there is no need to have all your jewelry on as you approach the metal detector and some of those people will take up 5 to10 to15 minutes of your time because they choose not to remove their jewelry prior to reaching the metal detectors. Here is a simple rule to follow, prior to entering the security line remove your belt and place it within your bag, then remove your watch, earrings, necklaces, phones, and wallet and anything else you might have on you and place them in your bag. Make sure to keep your picture ID and your flight ticket, you'll need those. Make sure to empty your pockets completely including receipts and any other object you might keep in there, even paper can be an issue depending on the airport you are at, playing it safe is always better than not. This process will save you tons of time when reaching security and will allow for you to pass through the metal detector the first time through instead of the 10 subsequent times. You can trust your bag to keep your things safe, remember that your bag is your friend. 

     Laptop Placement

    For some reason some people do not know this, but you must take out your laptop from its bag and place it within a tray alone (meaning separate) from its bag. The bag is then placed in a separate container where you may place your photo ID, flight ticket and shoes. There have been many a times where people have held up lines from either stuffing laptops within their bags and not being able to get them out easily or from not knowing the subsequent rules that follow laptop etiquette in airports. This again might seem silly and obvious but to some it is not, this can be due to a lack of flying or of not ever being taught the ways of the airport, now you know, please please take these things to heart.

    Respect Security

    One of the wisest things you can do in airports is to respect security teams, treat them with respect, follow their instructions and have a good attitude while going through the process of security. Airport security guards deal with some of the worst type of people and thus they get a lot of bad treatment, don't be that guy or girl that treats them badly, that's never a good plan, ever, be the one that greets them with a smile and says thank you when you leave, a smile and gratitude can go a long way. If you decide to be a stickler and have a bad attitude then I fear for you, no one likes a scene in airports and security will love to bring you down, so just be wise in the treatment of those that have more power than you, specially when they are on your side, that just makes no sense at all.

     Well now you know and knowing is half the battle. Next time you go to an airport you will maybe witness one of these or all of these in action, at that moment you'll realize how true this article was and take these things to heart. Knowing airport etiquette will save you time and energy, while respecting the people around you as well. We hope you have a great week and pray that it is a safe one.

Love from your humble blogger,


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