Monday, May 14, 2012

Upcoming TV Shows You Should Be Aware Of

     2012 has been a great year for television and it looks like the second half of the year will be filled with even more awesomeness. "Game Of Thrones" is still one of the most fantastic shows around, proving that sometimes a TV series adaptation of a book can in some aspects be superior than the book, something many would never have even thought possible prior to this series. We'll have many favorites like "Spartacus" returning in the Fall for a third season, but there are also a few new shows that will be coming out that you should be aware of. Some of these shows have been approved for this year and one or two will be making an appearance next Spring, but the bottom line is the same, here are some shows you should definitely be aware of and prepare yourself for.


      NBC is stepping their game up big time by introducing this new epic series who is being written by J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke, the series is to be directed by the great Jon Favreau. By what we know of the story so far this follows a group of people who are trying to survive in a world where everything electronic has stopped working. The series takes place 15 years after the desolation has taken place thus instead of focusing on the governments falling and all that jazz that we've seen before they focus on another question, the "now what?" question. The show will be airing soon and if you know anything about J.J. Abrams then you know that this is a show you don't want to miss. As soon as we hear more about this show we'll be sure to pass the word to you.


        We've previously covered the great British show "Sherlock" exclaiming how amazed we were at the show's production and story arches. We also explored the fears we had of American television wanting to create a show based off this concept like we have done to shows like "The Office" or "Being Human" and so forth. Well, "Elementary" is looking more and more to be the American version of the British show, instead to change things up they are making Watson be played by a woman instead of a man, Lucy Liu, so no ordinary woman but still any fan of the book series can't help but to cringe a little. The chances of this being good are 50/50 at best, especially being that this will be competing with "Sherlock" which is way way better. We're trying not to be too negative about this though, this will be a show we'll follow closely before we make an overall judgment.


      It's about time that Green Arrow gets his own television series, so when CW made this announcement many fans of the Arrow stood up and applauded. The Green Arrow reminds us a lot of Batman except he's more of a tool and has more laughs, which makes for great television. The Green Arrow already made an appearance in "Smallville" so we're not talking about a new character here, so this show is looking better and better as we approach the deadline of its release. There is a lot that can be done even if this series were to do well as simple as having more heroes involved in the series to raising popularity of DC again, which is needed after "The Avengers" movie stole all of our hearts.

     American Gods

      Neil Gaiman is the genius mind behind books like "Neverwhere" which became a TV series, "Coraline" and "Stardust" which both got their deserved big screen debut, he wrote one of the best comic book series ever to be written "The Sandman" and now his best selling novel "American Gods" has been given a chance to take life by HBO and will be making a appearance next year blowing all of our minds for sure. IMDB does a good job given a brief synopsis, being that we have read the book we fear giving anything away so here is how they summarized it, "a recently released ex-convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself "Wednesday" and who knows more than he first seems to about Shadow's life and past". This is a series to look forward to for sure, anything Neil Gaiman touches is gold, so keep an eye out for this one, you won't regret it.

    If there is a show coming out that you think is important that we talk about then please let us know via email or a comment down bellow. We hope that your summer has started well, full of laughter and rest.

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