Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4 70's Female Artists That Should Never Be Forgotten

  Continuing with the theme of good music through the ages and how there are always fantastic artists to be found no matter what generation you talk about this we'll be talking this week about a few other artists you should know about, but this time the theme is 70's, not your regular 70's goodness but more obscure stuff that everyone should listen to from time to time and be aware of, people that made a significant impact on music and life. I use the word obscure loosely here, many will read this and think that these bands are huge names, but unfortunately in the world we live in today these fantastic artists have been forgotten, even though that to some these are still kings of music within our hearts. Keep in mind that there are a ton of other artists that could be included within this list, but here are 4 female artists that are usually overlooked that should never be forgotten. Without further ado here are some artists that will blow your mind.

Joan Baez

Janis Joplin (still has a decent following but definitely couldn't help but to include her)

Emmylou Harris

Johnny Mitchell

   And there you have it, I hope you enjoy and maybe either refreshed your memory to artists you know and love or introduced you to some amazing talent. This is a part of a larger "educate the next generations" project when it comes to good music from the past. Not really a post where we talk about the great "knowns" like The Doors, or Pink Floyd, but a place where we remember the talent of often forgotten talent like that of Johnny Mitchell. I hope you all appreciate these artists, they changed the world.

   Love from your humble blogger,

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