Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Review "Mind Blowingly Awesome"

    Leaving the movie theater and processing this movie is no easy feat, your legs don't want to move and your head is spinning with amazement and curiosity, your heart is pounding with excitement and the lingering emotions brought on by the movie are still ever present, this movie is just that impacting. Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" changed the Batman game forever, there is no going back after this one, of course when adding this movie to the other two preceding it this statement becomes even more true, but honestly after seeing this trilogy reach its end one can't imagine a better combination of movies put together by any other director, in fact there is a part in all of us that saw this movie that wish that Nolan will continue this story, that he'll change his mind and take the project further, the movie is just that good.

     Prepare yourself though before going to watch it, if you couldn't tell already by what they showed us on the previews this movie is dark, very dark, not Joker dark, but very human dark, mental even at times. The movie messes with your psyche and your understanding of not only how Bruce embraces the world but how you yourself look at the world. This movie moves you to ask some tough questions, it's as if Nolan is including some personal truth time between you and him within the movie, there has not been a more engaging movie than this one in a long time, and yes saying that about a superhero movie was something many would never have said in the past but those days are over, this movie is just that amazing.

    The first person that needs to be praised is Tom Hardy for his performance as Bane. There will never be a better representation of the psychotic mercenary, Hardy hit the target in every way possible, he was fearsome, loathsome, and represented pure evil in such a pure and crude way that you couldn't help but to look away whenever he was on screen, in fact some people within the theater would place their hands to their eyes whenever he came on screen for fear of what he might do next, here's the kicker though, nothing he did was overall too gruesome or barbaric but he did it in such a raw fashion that you couldn't help but be scared of him, there is something in him that just brings out that emotion. Bottom line, Tom Hardy was a boss, no lie, this man did what many thought no one could ever do, he successfully captured the Bane of the comics within a movie.

    Anne Hathaway is delightful throughout this flick, she is everything we all want her to be, she is seductive, she is fierce, she lies like a villain, but expresses care for those around her like a saint, she is a master thief and the way Nolan spun her story is freaking amazing, no one was expecting a Selina Kyle the way that Nolan depicted her, many even brushed her off as some side character before seeing the film, but Anne Hathaway would not have things be that way, Anne stole the show in many scenes throughout the movie, she was so good at playing Selina that it made some people want a Catwoman movie to come from this flick, meaning, her performance was so good that it made people forget how bad the last Catwoman movie was, that is quite a feat indeed.

    And finally how can we not mention the great Christian Bale finally giving us the performance we have been wanting to see from him since the beginning, don't take me wrong Christian Bale did well in the first two movies but he wasn't great, it was in this film that he really pulled through, he pulled no punches in his performance as the Bat and kicked some serious ass. This movie was a lot more challenging of a role for him for he needed to play a broken bat who gets even more broken before coming back to evolve into something new, it was a masterful performance and one cannot help but wish an encore performance by him in the future. Though Nolan and Bale have both stated that this will be their last Batman movie one cannot help but wish that this is not the case, that they change their mind and bring us another film, this film was just that good.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, and Morgan Freeman were fantastic as well, especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I've purposely not talked much about these characters in order to not give anything away, anyone who spoils this movie for another person should be punished, this movie is just that good.

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  1. If there’s anybody in the world who could have made not one, not two, but three epic and great Batman films, it’s Christopher Nolan and it’s so sad to see him end it all. However, what a great trilogy he gave us and if anything, this movie should mainly be remembered and loved for that reason. Good review Mario.

  2. Great review! I agree with all of your points.

    Chris Bale was at his best in this movie. Anne was great as Selina as well.

    Check out my review .


  3. A reasonably entertaining late-summer entry in the never-ending parade of youth-market fantasy sequels.