Friday, July 27, 2012

Why "The Watch" Is Watchable

  "Why you shouldn't watch 'The Watch'", that was the title that came to mind prior to going to see this film, the movie looked silly on its many trailers and the movie itself is essentially a rip off of the British film "Attack The Block" which brought on some feelings of annoyance. Watching another comedy where Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn play their usual selves and come back with the similar jokes we always get by them, did not seem like a fun evening, in fact there was no reason why this movie should have been entertaining, at all, but when you add all the elements of this movie together, including bad acting, you get a final work that surprises and entertains all the way through. I recommend you get yourself in the right mindset though, understand that this isn't a good movie, and yes it is a reboot of a way better film, but in the end it really was entertaining, so if you need a dumb comedy to watch this weekend this is the movie for you, not a great one, but fun.

    The movie is made worse not by the content itself but due to the fact that some of the funnier moments in the film were in the trailer ruining pivotal moments within the movie, this did not help the movie at all. Can we talk about this for a second? This isn't the first time a comedy has been ruined by poorly cut previews, there have been countless other movies that have suffered like "The Watch" has suffered and still bad previews are released, why can't this atrocity just stop, who do we have to talk to about this? Just imagine if a horror movie trailer had 3/5 scary scenes in the movie in it, or if in a thriller trailer you got a really good hint of who the killer was, it would injure the movie right? Same concept within a comedy, the question here is who cut that preview and why didn't someone in his team say something to help him?

    It is difficult to praise the cast in this film, not because they did a bad job but because they just played themselves, well, they played the roles we have come to love from them from other movies. Ben Stiller did a classic "Meet The Parents" performance, just a loser who thinks he is doing really well in life but is in fact living a very well constructed play of a life, through what he will face in the movie he will grow as a man, as a friend and as a husband, evolving into someone we can all relate to and like. This is his role, it's Ben Stiller's universal role, not that this is bad in all cases but when it is applied to a mediocre movie it makes the movie ten times worse, lucky for him this was a decent film thus it just brought the movie down to mediocre status which wasn't bad overall.

    Vin Vaughn, well, played himself, classic "Old School" performance, if you liked him there then you'll like him in this film. To put this simply, Vince plays his overbearing, over the top, "bro", role that we have seen in most of his films, this isn't a bad thing, the man is funny and so it works, but just know this is not his academy awards debut, this is just good old Vince. Although, there is an element added to the picture here that makes him different from other characters he has played, in this film he is a parent, with a teenage daughter, yeah, just imagine Vince Vaughn and a teenage daughter trying to rebel against his rules, classic performance, providing tons of laughs. In the end though it boils down to "Are you a fan of Vince", if yes you'll enjoy the movie even more, if no then don't go watch this movie for surely you will hate it.

    Richard Ayoade though, there's the comic genius within this film, it's not even that he's got a ton of lines, which he doesn't, it's about the fact that combined with the performances by the actors around him, his performance is hilarious, you'll laugh in almost every scene he is part of, a job well done for sure. Jonah Hill's role is the weird one, it feels like he went from being fat overbearing and funny to always playing a psycho now, and the scary thing is that it fits, it legitimately fits his look. Not saying here that him losing weight was a bad thing, what I am saying though is that we learned to love one actor and now he's no longer that actor so this new relationship will take more time till it feels concrete again, as long as he doesn't decide to change his image again in 5 years I think we'll be just fine.

     If you go into the theater thinking "this movie is going to be horrible, what am I doing here", then you will really like this movie, but if you have any expectations at all for it then you will hate it for sure. Never a good sign when this is the case, so consider yourself warned. I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh various times throughout the movie, the movie does have entertainment value, so if you are in the mood for a fun comedy with characters you are familiar with or leaning to love again then this is the film for you. If you decide that you don't want to watch this film no matter what then do yourself a kindness and pick up "Attack The Block", you'll love it for sure.

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  1. A bad comedy is one thing, but a bad comedy starring funny people is unforgivable. Shame that all of these guys are pretty much wasted here with this crap material and what’s even worse is that it’s written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Don’t know how the heck this happened. Good review Mario.