Friday, July 13, 2012

Ignored Almost Forgotten Amazing Talent Of The Past

  To conclude this segment of our music experimentation the only way to properly finish in a worthy fashion would be for us to remember some of the actual obscure bands, some brilliant artists that have gone overlooked, that have been forgotten by time, those that did not have the success that others might have had but still blew our minds and impacted our lives in ways that artists today did not and could never not. If you are into the retro scene, a fan of folk music or a huge fan of obscure old music this is the post for you. I tried to make a selection of the top 10 most overlooked artists of the past, I hope you'll find this either a blast from the past or a brand new taste to something older, sometimes aged music just hits a spot in our soul that new music just cannot.

  Laura Nyro

  Phil Ochs

    Kingston Trio

  Woody Guthrie

  Arlo Guthrie

  The New Christy Minstrels

   The Weavers

   The Chieftains

    New Riders Of The Purple Sage

    Smothers Brothers (think "Flight of the Conchords", just brilliant stuff)

  There are many more music segments to come, there is just so much music out there that is being forgotten about that should never be, thus I hope these posts have been refreshing to some seeing your favorite artists being displayed and informative to others learning that there is plenty of music out there from the past that is amazing. Hope you all had a fantastic week and that this weekend might be a great one.

  Love from your humble blogger,

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