Monday, July 9, 2012

A Defense Of The 80's Music Scene

  There has been a lot of talk recently about how there were no good songs in the 80's, people continually knock the 80's as the worst music period to ever come about and thank God that they did not get to live through it. All this negative talk exhausts me,  there is no way that a decade of human history can go by and no good music be produced, thus a venture was set out, a quest to find some of the best almost uncontested best music from the 80's, an adventure that spawned this post. While doing research one thing became clear to me, that there are a ton of good artists out there, but a selection of artists had to be made in order for this post to not be 10 pages long, thus here is my defense of the 80's, 6 artists that prove that good music was being made during that time. 1 or 2 artists would be an exception, 6 good artists prove that there were probably way more than that, thus begins my defense of the 80's music scene.

Peter Tosh

Bob Marley

 Violent Fems

The Clash

Dire Straits


Stray Cats

     And there you have it, consider the 80's defended, if there is still doubt in your minds that there was good music in the 80's then I might do another post hosting 6 more bands that you should be aware of while you attempt to diss the 80's music scene. And next time someone decides to crack a joke about the 80's you'll have ammunition against them, no way a decade will ever go by where no good music is produced, that's just silly talk.

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