Monday, July 30, 2012

London 2012 Summer Olympics

   The 30th Olympic Games have begun this past week and what a show has it been thus far! There is a very real symbolic meaning found within the games, a time where (for the most part) countries set their differences apart and come together to compete in various challenges, all in all to determine who is the best athlete within each challenge. Besides the "World Cup" (Soccer), there is no other event that brings blood seeking rivals together within the same field and makes them have a fair match against one another, besides the Olympics and the World Cup there is no other world event that causes such a rare and beautiful spectacle, this is significant, truly a spectacle worth taking seriously and having a watch, specially to cheer your home country on as well.

     There are many rituals that have come about since the games first started, we're talking 30 games, a lot happens in 30 games. A crowd favorite event is the opening of the games, which generally is a big show displaying the host country's roots, something about peace in the world, and generally some random funny moments in order to provide the audience with some laughs. This can include various performances by artists and musicians from the country, dance crews and special effects crews come into effect as well, basically the opening is a country's attempt to entertain the world and show how awesome they are in the process, which brings us to this year's performance.

     London is hosting this year's Olympic games which means that we got what one could expect from a British opening ceremony, a random spectacle of some of the stuff that has made England "great". The show was fun, but super random, let's be honest, hospital beds, Voldemort being defeated by Mary Poppins, no Elton John but we got a Beatle (no Ringo though, figures), and even including a performance by the one and only Mr. Bean....yeah, it was a random show. Though the show was decent I for one wasn't completely entertained, I can't be the only one that grew bored 2/3 through it and was like "ok, so what's the point?". Not saying that this was the worst opening ever, in fact I thought it rather fun, let's just say that Rio will blow this joint out of the water for sure.

     There is no time that swimming is a bigger deal in the news than the Olympic Games, people don't usually care about swimming any other time throughout the years before the event and after the event, there are competitions don't get me wrong but they generally aren't broadcast or made a big deal of till the Olympic Games come about, thus the importance of said event, and why these matches mean so much to the individual swimmer, cause he knows that after this competition is over that it'll take another four years before he becomes relevant again, that's gotta mess with your head big time. In fact almost every athlete within the games feels a similar pressure, except our basketball, tennis and soccer players of course, those we love year round.

     The point here is that if you are not watching the game that you should do so, that these athletes have been training for four years nonstop in order to represent our country and win us some gold medals, they have given up dreams, desserts, and a future of no medical complications due to pushing their bodies too far, just to bring home the medal and make us proud, I say that's a game worth watching, an all out battle to determine who is the best in the world scale, who is the greatest of us all. Thus let us give these athletes the respect they deserve and cheer them on for gold, for after this the only time they will get our love again will be in 4 years from now, so show a little love and support the games.

    Let us come together and cheer our athletes to victory, they deserve our respect and love for their continued hard work in trying to represent us the best way they can, and that's always worth respecting.

  Love from your humble blogger,

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