Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Going Shows To Watch Part 2

  Some of these shows have been going on for a while now and some have just started, but these are all shows worth investing your time in. Some of the shows covered today are a bit more mature than others so keep in mind that though I might rate a show as being good that this does not mean that you particularly will enjoy the show for some have more mature content than what you might be ok with. One of the shows is not in a new season yet but is one that I can't help but cover in this segment, sharing good shows is always a priority in my book and it still surprises me when people tell me they haven't heard of some of these. Anyway, here we go.

  Boardwalk Empire

   For some reason some people have a pretty negative view of this show. It's astounding being that this show is produced, directed and acted by some of the most brilliant men in the industry. If you haven't given this show a shot yet then please do so for it is definitely worth your time. The show is a bit mature featuring violence and explicit sexual scenes, so keep that in mind before checking it out. The show has a fantastic story arch so far, it's the type of show where every episode ties in to the whole of the story, in short no fillers. If you feel like adding a great show with a more mature theme to your life I recommend this show for sure.

   The League

  This is another more mature show but from a different angle, there's almost no violence and the show is pretty tame when it comes to nudity, but it is very explicit when it comes to language and sexual themes. This is an adult comedy show and should be known as such. If you are easily offended by coarse humor then please don't watch this show, if you love raunchy comedy than you'll love this show for sure. The League is the type of show where you gather various friends together and laugh till you cry due to how hilarious the show is, I can't help but recommend this show, though keep in mind the adult themes and remember that if you offend easy that you shouldn't watch this one, plenty of other shows out there besides this one that you can give your time to.

   30 Rock

   Here is a great show from start to end. Since the first season this show has got me hooked, and this season is no exception. This season started strong and has been filled with hilarious moments with the cast we have come to love. They are all still funny and the writers behind this show are still being brilliant. This is a good show for everyone. Anyone can just pick up and watch this one without needing too much of a back story, it's just a good old comedy. I've found that the characters have evolved a lot since their introduction and this season is just taking things to a higher level of maturity, not necessarily in a "growing up" sense, but mature in a "developing a personhood" way. If you are a fan of the show and haven't been keeping up with it then I recommend you get on board, this season is going to be a good one.


   Think "Supernatural" but less scary, a ton less scary. In fact I don't think that there has been even one episode that has made me jump or feel any kind of tension while watching it. With that said, Grimm might not be a scary show but it is a really fun show. First season was a little slow at first but the second season has been really good so far, with the exception of the lame "to be continued" opener (which is super tacky), this season has progressed the story along nicely and possibly might be leading us to a little more depth within the story. If you are into fantasy themes but not really into horror themes then I think this show is for you. The acting is not the best but also not the worst I've ever seen, plus in this season so far everyone has seemed to be more on point. I have high hopes for this series, a recommendation for sure.

    Game Of Thrones

  Now I know that season three of GoT is far away, but I can't help but mention this show here. Recently I've been running into people that have never heard of this show and that has astounded me, even made me a little sad, for this is "the" show that you should get into to. Keep in mind that this is an HBO show so expect, violence, sex and tons of cursing, but I value this show as being one of the best in television. The book series is fantastic, if you love a good fantasy novel and have not read this series yet then do yourself a kindness and give this a shot, it was a great read. Not only is this a great series, but this is the type of show you want to own. I don't generally buy any TV series, buying something I get for free just seems dumb but for some series that cannot be helped, GoT is one of those series.

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