Monday, October 22, 2012

On Going Shows To Watch Part 1

     Besides the new shows that are airing right now there are also a ton of continuing shows on TV that are having great new seasons. This week we'll be talking about these new shows varying from more mature shows to just good funny shows that continue to air. Keep in mind that I am just a mere mortal so there is no way that I could watch every show that is on TV right now but I've attempted to stay in touch with a variety of shows going on in order to review something that a lot of you enjoy. This year has been a good year for television shows, one of the best in a while, let's hope that it continues this way till this year's conclusion.

  Once Upon A Time

     Season one was fun but it felt lacking until towards the end where it picked up hardcore and turns out the show had the potential to be awesome all along. So the fear on everyone's mind was that maybe season two would follow the same pattern but lo and behold season two has be amazing from the get go. So far every episode has been fun and full of surprises. The only issue that can become a problem is their insensate need to introduce new characters every episode, get us to like them and then kill them off, that is going to get old really quick. Besides this fact though the show has the potential to go for many more seasons, hopefully they will continue to wow us every episode, definitely a show that deserves your attention.

   Modern Family

   In the past not every episode in this series have been great, some suffer from a little to much cheese, just enough to turn some of us off from watching the series for a while. This season though has been awesome so far, every episode is filled with funny moments, and though I still think they push the "homosexual" element in the show a little to far at times I think this season might top all the others. Cameron is the one I think is over the top a little too much. It might just be me but I feel like his character just gets progressively more and more absurd with every season, and though I enjoy this character I hope that they tone him down a bit, just for the sake of not playing a stereotype on screen 24/7. This season has been really good though, another recommendation for sure.


   So after I got a mean comment on one of my posts about how I never reviewed Supernatural I decided to give this show a shot and give a brief review of what I thought of the seasons. Season 1 through 5 are the best so far, with 4 and 5 being my favorite. Due to the writers strike season 3 was wounded a bit but not enough that it was bad, it did not suffer the same fate as "Heroes". After Kripke left though I felt the season went down hill a bit, seasons 6 and 7 were pretty weak and left us wanting more of the good old show, which I feel like that's what they are trying to come back to with Season 8. This latest season has been the best one in a long time, not better than 1 though 5 mind you, but way better than 6 and 7. It's difficult to recommend a show that isn't doing as well as it used to, I recommend watching some of the previous seasons before watching this new one. Season 1 was specifically good and spooky. I can't help but feel that they have progressively distanced themselves from the horror element from the first few seasons and are now doing more of a teenage horror thing, not really scary stuff anymore. Anyway, if you're an old fan of the series that got tired of how horrible the past two seasons were then fret not, season 8 seems to be trying to go back to the show roots, well, sort of.

   Sons Of Anarchy

    There is no show on television that has been able to capture what gang/club life feels like than "Sons Of Anarchy". No show has ever tried to go to such depths as they go and push the limits of what can be shown on television as they have, it's quite impressive. I recently heard about this show around May and finally caught up to the current episodes like two weeks back. Frankly, I've thoroughly enjoyed the emotional twists and turns this show has lead me on, this is a mature show for sure, not for everyone, but a guaranteed great show. This show is heavy to watch, and people that have experienced some of the things shown in the show might have a tough time watching it, again, this is not a show for everyone, but it is a great show. For the more mature readers that read this blog I recommend you give this show a shot, you won't regret it, it's heavy for sure, but definitely worth a watch.

   And there you have it, hope you all had a great weekend and hope this Monday will be a great one for you,

 Love from your humble blogger,

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  1. I think I am excited to watch Sons of Anarchy after I read your review about it.