Friday, June 1, 2012

Snow White And The Huntsman: Review

   Yesterday we got the chance to go watch the new movie "Snow White And The Hunstman" and for the most part we have to admit that we enjoyed the film. The film is brilliantly directed, the script is very well written, the set was beautiful, and the acting was superb, that is except for Kristen Stewart, but we'll get to more on that a little later. This is the first movie directed by Rupert Sanders that has hit the big screen, in fact IMDB has this being the only film he has ever directed, that's doubtful for this was a job well done and usually good jobs only occur after some experience. Sanders took a cheesy story and made it raw, he stripped all the elements to the bone and gave us a different take on the famous story with a darker twist, in the end this was one of the best Snow White adaptations we have ever seen.

    Snow White isn't an easy story to attract guys to, but Sanders' Snow White is full of action and adult themes throughout the whole film. This is not a children's movie, remember that, there are very strong adult elements throughout this movie either seen or implied, thus don't take this movie as been a children's movie, that's just simply not the case. Sanders did deliver us a good strong retelling of the Snow White tale and his casting, save Kristen Steward, was brilliant. The world that Sanders created was gorgeous and is one of the big high points within this movie, we feel confident that you will feel the same way as you watch the movie.

   Chris Hemsworth stole our hearts as usual, there is a definite future for Chris we can't wait to see where his career takes him. You never know how strong an actor is going to be until you place him in a movie where his acting alone saves it from being a catastrophe. True, the movie is not saved by Chris' acting alone but he did a fantastic job as the huntsman, he was rough and tough, he was sexy and lovable, he has all the characteristics one would want when watching this movie for a huntsman. He made carrying axes look awesome, towards the end of the movie I myself was beginning to be convinced that an axe is better than a sword, true it does resemble a hammer, and true maybe I have some loyalty to him cause he is Thor, but he did a fantastic job, you can trust that for sure.

   Charlize Theron stole the show, that's a fact, no fight there, Charlize is beautiful and sexy, she is a brilliant actress and knows exactly how to seduce an audience, her casting as the evil queen was brilliant, simply brilliant. No one can hold Kristen Stewart accountable when it comes to competing against Charlize, that's an unfair battle, Charlize is a woman, she is mature and knows how to capture your heart, but Kristen Stewart is just a little girl still, she's got one expression and is not seductive at all throughout the whole film, it's an impossible competition, who can compete against Charlize? That's a tough one, only a handful of actresses would have done the trick, Stewart is not one of them.

   If you read any reviews on this movie and they don't talk about the side characters then that particular reviewer has done this movie a massive injustice. The side characters within this film where brilliantly casted, the king and his wife were awesome making the intro for this movie be amazing, Charlize's brother is a creep and repulsive, he was brilliantly portrayed as well. The toughest part in the Snow White story are the dwarves, to make dwarves not be cheesy but warriors is no easy feat, and thus they deserve our recognition for sure, even their songs where brilliantly done, they brought that bit of humor that the movie needed and they stole our hearts truly tying the movie together. 

    To recap, the huntsman played by Chris Hemsworth was brilliant, the queen played by Charlize Theron was sexy and evil, the side characters stole our hearts and tied the story together, Rupert Sanders brought the Snow White world to life and had brilliant writers work on the script and thus on these elements alone the movie is a 4/5, a sure summer blockbuster, but Kristen Stewart somehow manages to ruin this movie anyway. Kristen has one look, the opened mouth "I'm confused, where am I, I'm so high right now" look, her inability to do a serious monologue does not help her case out at all. For the most part the movie did not suck because she only had minor lines, but toward the end she has a motivational monologue which she butchers and brings the movie down from a 4/5 to a 2/5, it hurt to watch.

    Being harsh with Kristen Stewart while she is being surrounded by such an amazing cast feels wrong though, so in the end we feel that this was all Rupert Sanders' fault, he should have known better and casted someone better for the role, Jennifer Lawrence should have been the most obvious pick, she would have saved this movie, that's a fact. When you walk out of this movie and think "man that movie sucked" or "eh, it wasn't great but it was fun" take a second to imagine the movie without Kristen Stewart and you'll agree, this movie was awesome, super awesome, we loved it but Kristen Stewart killed it and made us leave with a bad taste in our mouths, this might sound harsh but it's the truth, someone has to say it, so we will.

   We hope you have had a great week, and pray that this weekend will be a safe one for you,

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  1. Good review Mario. A lot darker and grittier than most fairy tales we see on the big screen, but it worked and gave this film a new edge to it that I think it needed. Story could have had more tension to it though.

  2. The film looks great with great scenery, costumes, special effects and action scenes. Except for Kristen Stewart, who is somewhat miscast here, the acting is solid by the rest of the cast.