Friday, June 22, 2012

Congrats Miami Heat!!! & "Brave" Review!!!

   We got a chance to go watch the new Pixar movie "Brave" yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised by the different approach the movie took and how deep yet witty the story was. Before we start talking about the movie though we must first give a big shout out to all the Miami Heat fans out there who have stuck it out and shown once and for all that they do have a great team, a team that knows how to work together, a team deserving of the title. A lesson that can be learned from this team is that it doesn't matter how many stars you have in your roster, if they cannot work together then they will go nowhere, it was the Heat's teamwork that brought them this win, we look forward to the Heat's continued growth and wish all Heat fans good luck for next year.

    Like many Pixar movies before it, "Brave" had a fun short-animation film prior to the movie starting. This year Pixar choose the short "La Luna", it is a superbly well done short film about generational gaps and a young boy becoming a man. When you watch this short film make sure to watch the detail around the three characters, from the boat to the moon, to even the waters surrounding them, it was a great work of art. Every year in the "academy awards" a short film is selected to win the award, we feel strongly that "La Luna" will be a strong contender, it has all the elements one would want from a short story, we loved it. But enough of all this, let's move on to the movie shall we. 

     Usually here is where we would start praising the movie and showering it with love, but we feel that we should start this review by saying that though this was a fun movie, that this was not what one would expect from Pixar. "Brave" is a great movie, it was entertaining, it was gorgeous, the story flowed well, but it wasn't groundbreaking, there wasn't that element of epicness you found in "UP", "Wall-e", "Toy Story" or "Finding Nemo", it was a great film but it wasn't a spectacular film like we have always gotten from Pixar in the past. In many ways this movie is your standard Disney princess movie with a "Brother Bear" element thrown in there for fun, the end result isn't bad but it isn't epic. With all that said let's talk about how fun this movie was.

    "Brave" looks fantastic, it is astounding how far we have come when it comes to animation, from lighting to set design, "Brave" felt alive, the movie was quite a sight to see and it kept us engaged at all times. As we have talked about before this is Pixar's first time having a female main character and they did a really good job creating a character people could relate with, someone that is not perfect but lovable, they gave us a great main character with plenty of personality. The side characters were fantastic as well, the movie was packed with funny jokes and moments, the twins were hilarious and kept us entertained throughout the whole show as well, if you are a fan of animation and love Pixar's work then we recommend this movie hands down. Also a big shout out is deserved to all the voice actors that worked on this movie, they all did a spectacular job, top notch work for sure.

    Rating this movie isn't an easy feat though, this movie was really fun and we recommend it for everyone, but when considering this movie's rating in light of all the other movies that Pixar has been a part of we can't give this movie more than a 3.5/5, it just doesn't stand up to the other projects that Pixar has been a part of, though this might seem like a low score it shouldn't be looked at as such for it was a great flick.  Due to the bar that Pixar has set upon themselves we can't help but be harsher with this film then we normally would. Putting the Pixar element aside this movie was a definite "must see" it will definitely be the best animated movie this summer, that you can count on. For the record, we did love this movie, so go watch it for sure.

   Stay tuned for a special post on Sunday as we review "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", hopefully it'll be as fun as the book. We hope you have had a great week and pray that your weekend might be a safe one.

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