Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fantastic Distractions To Make Your Wednesday Awesome

      In keeping with the spirit this week of finding good time wasters that may brighten your day, we thought it would be fun to blog about the top five sites where you can waste some time, get a laugh, keep yourself informed on what is going on in the world and find some relaxation this Wednesday. Wednesdays are always an interesting time, specially during the summer, it's hot out, work keeps you from being outside enjoying the day and sometimes you just can't help but get a little bogged down by it all, so taking time away to watch a funny video or reading about your favorite game, movie or tech can brighten a stale day and give you the right spirit to finish your day well. Hopefully this post might aid refresh your Wednesday and bring a smile to your face.

  College Humor

     From their never ending slew of original content to their series "College Humor" is by far one of the best humor sites on the net. Out of all the styles of writing, humor is most definitely one of the toughest mediums to succeed at. For a site to be able to release so much original content while keeping it all funny and entertaining a cast of writers must assemble to take on this task, a cast of comic geniuses that stand out among the rest. "College Humor" has gotten much praise over the years and every praise they get is well deserved, this site has a little bit of fun for everyone and is the number one site you should always keep in your 'bookmarks' for those bad days where a laugh is needed.


      Cracked does follow suit with "College Humor" in that they also have many awesomely written original videos in which you will lose yourself in. Though their videos are superbly well written they are not what makes "Cracked" awesome, the articles found within "Cracked" are the highlight of the website. One can spend hours on their site just browsing through article after article and not get enough. They range from music to random facts about the world and they are all interesting, entertaining and educational. After spending a few minutes reading up on some articles you'll know a lot more about the world then you had previously known while at the same time being entertained throughout the whole thing. This is the number two pick for best site to lose yourself in during a bad day for sure.


   The convenience of "Break" is the same one you would find in a site like "Digg" or "Fark" except for they focus more on videos. Both "Digg" and "Fark" are sites dedicated to keeping you in the loop to what is happening in the world right now, so they link you to various sites that are trending online that you might have an interest in. "Break" does a similar thing but with videos, you'll be able to find out all the trending videos not only on YouTube but everywhere else in the net as well. For those not into videos then "Digg" and "Fark" are both a good choice for you. These are the three sites you need in order to always stay in the loop with everything that is going on. There is a danger here though for there is always something going on, be careful not to lose yourself in the absurd amounts of information within these sites.

  The Onion

    This is an oldie but a goodie. "The Onion" is the classic "John Stewart" of the newspaper industry, and their website keeps that tradition going. If you are not familiar with "The Onion" we recommend you check their site out for sure. Keep in mind that some content within "The Onion" is rather mature, so keep that in mind when accessing the site. Their articles are generally work friendly but you never know, sometimes comedic writers choose to push the line a bit for the sake of humor and though sometimes they succeed, more often then not they fail. Though some articles within their site might be hit or miss, they are still the forerunners to everything so a shout out is always deserved.


    Out of all the sites within the Internet that deal with games, tech, movies, and comics there is no site that succeeds as well as IGN does. From articles, to videos, to conference coverages, to movie reviews, IGN is one of the most reliable sources of information on the web. If you are looking to catch up on missed E3 information or looking forward to some good Comic-Con coverage IGN is the site for you. They also have free guides to your favorite games and have all the latest news on all your television needs. If you care about being informed on everything games related IGN is the site for you, there is no site out there that comes even close to how awesome these guys are. Be sure to give them a look.

   And there you have it, hopefully some of these sites might bring a smile to your face,  and be a pleasant distraction this Wednesday. We hope the rest of your week is a good one and pray that it might be a safe one.

  Love from your humble blogger,

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